Tuesday, June 13, 2017

My jewelry collection

Please don't go by the name. I don't have a huge collection, or I buy jewelry very often. Rather, I buy very rarely buy junkie, though I love them a lot. Mr. Man always ready to buy me all kind of fashionable dresses, but whenever I go to jewelry section he always makes face. I cannot make him understand that I need right kind of accessories. 

This jewelry holder is made by Mr. Man
Few of the bangle pieces

Anyway, I won't only balm him, I also don't want to spend much money on that. I only buy those jewelries which I cannot make myself.

This is a gift from a dear friend

 I don't buy any bead jewelry, I always make myself.

All my pearl collection

These are all gifts from my dear sister

This is a gift from coworkers on my wedding

My love for jewelries began since I was a little girl, though I never got much thing. Anyway, when I grew up I started buying for myself a lot. When I was working in India, I used to travel by train a long distance to reach my office. In India, hawkers usually sell goods in local trains.

This one I bought from Hawaii, but I never wear it.
Few of the many pieces I made 

This is know as Dokra Art. The pendants and the earrings are made of brass.
It is a very famous art work from West Bengal, the state of India from where I am.

This is terra-cotta jewelry, another famous art work from West Bengal. 

 The jewelry sellers usually sell beautiful and latest jewelry in trains, in ver less prices. I used to buy a little jewelry almost every week. Once I bought 4-5 rings, and put them altogether in my fingers, except the little one. My manager asked me Why I left the little fingers. Actually my fingers are very thin, so, it's difficult to find rings, and for the little fingers it is next to impossible to find ring.

Few of the pieces gifted by my sweet sister-in-laws

My one and only one statement necklace

Little by little I collected a huge about of jewelries, but when I came back to my home town for my wedding, I distributed all my collection among my co-workers. So, I didn't have much in my hand when I came to the USA. Then again little by little I collected. My friends also gifted me many jewelries. When I distributed them to my co-workers I kept few of them. Among those are there even almost 20 years old. Those I'm not going to give to anyone. 

This is another gift from a friend

Monday, June 5, 2017

Handmade jewelries

I rarely buy jewelries, especially bead jewelries. I love to make them on my own. Last year I made many bead jewelries set, but some how I was not satisfied with end look them. So, for a long time I had been thinking of changing them into something else. 

However, no good designs were coming in mind. Last month, I made one multicolored long necklace for one of my friends. Then many designs started coming in my mind.

 Instead of making with same colored beads, I used different colored beads, but I didn't do mixing and matching . 

Instead of that I did only mixing. I made three as of now. In future I'm going to the others I've already made into some different one. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Friday


Today was last last day of long weekend.We had pizza for dinner from Pieology.School is going to over very soon. This is the last week of the school. My kiddo is go into to be in 4th grade. Time flies. Still I feel just yesterday  I’ve brought him from hospital. This Friday I’m going for a vacation with my son. So, this week is very hectic for me. I’ve to pack .

Today morning I went to SPA. It was a mother’s day. I didn’t go to the SPA at that time. I knew that before going to vacation it would be very hectic, and I needed some kind of relaxation. 

My kitchen counter top is now working table :D

Today it was a big fuss, after school. When I went to pick my son from school he gave me a diorama he made at school. There was a box in the diorama, but I didn’t see that. While we were walking towards the car, suddenly he realized one box was missing from the diorama. To my bad luck, I was holding the diorama at that moment. He out poured all his anger on me. It took me exactly one hour to convince him that, if I asked the teacher to give another box, she would certainly give that. I sent a mail to his teacher, she replied me that, one his classmate found a similar in front of the classroom, that might be my son’s. After getting the reply, he convinced that his diorama didn’t go in vein.

That very diorama

Today was the last day of school. His teacher gave all the children water blaster. They were very happy. It was extremely hectic, as we are leaving for vacation tomorrow.

Now it is five in the morning. We are leaving for vacation at 8. I’ll be gone for five weeks. Though I will try post in my blog, but may be I cannot visit all of your blog. I think all of my friends will understand. After coming back, I surly will  read all of your blog, and leave comment. XOXO

Summer fun