Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Redwood Regional Park

We didn’t know about the hidden redwood forest which was very near to the Oakland downtown. Where we hiked in Bay area, we didn’t get such a splendid Redwood forest anywhere. We had been in Oakland downtown many times, but we were completely unaware about that forest. When we were searching for a hiking trail, one of our friends suggested going there. 

We entered the park through the Redwood gate. The day we went , the entry was free, otherwise you need to pay to enter the park. Driving towards the park was as much as beautiful as it was inside the park. 

Solitary bench

Suddenly, from few lanes road became a one lane narrow road winding up the mountain, though the mountain was not so high to reach the redwood forest. Inside the park there were several parking area. Near the entrance the parking was very small, that was kind of a turn out area of any mountain road. When we reached there, only one single parking spot was left. We needed at least three parking spots, for our group. Mr. Man parked the car on that only spot, where parking was a little tough.

Anyway, after one of the other members reached there, we decided to drive further, as we found several more parking ares, so parking was not a problem there. Near the entrance there was a park for little children, even there were few scattered picnic areas were also available inside the park. 

The weather was beautiful on that Saturday. It was little cloudy, but not cold, a light jacket was enough. The trail started with narrow pitch road. We took the trail ,named Stream trail. I think the name was given ,because, a small stream was flowing beside the trail. It was not only a dense jungle of redwood trees, there were few open areas with bright green grass. They more looked like meadow or chaparral. 

Where we parked our cars, just opposite to that there was a lush green meadow. The starting of the trail was totally flat. Gradually we left the pitch road and entered a dirt trail. It had been raining even the previous night. So, the stream was full of water, and the water flowing in full force, constantly we could hear the sound of the water. I read that the stream had rainbow trout, but there was no way see any of them. As we gradually hiking, we had to crossed extremely muddy patches several times. We three had waterproof hiking shoes, so we didn’t face problem in crossing those patches. 

We were walking, keeping the stream on our right. We came to a point where we had to cross another stream, and from that point, the stream came to our left side. The stream was very small, just we had to put our feet on few rocks to cross it. Then suddenly, from the flat trail started going upward. Although it didn’t gain much height,but those who don’t hike regularly can face a little difficulty to climb up. The weather was cool and damp ,the sun was soft, moreover we were in a green jungle, full of huge conical redwood trees. Again the trail was a little flat.

 We, again reached another little stream. Those streams might not exist all year long. Those little stream were sprouted out like plants due to incessant rain through out the winter. We jumped over it, and again we faced another steep hiking trail. After climbing that, some of our group members felt shortness of breath. So, we rested a little while. Again we started walking. We were already climbed up on the mountain. We were no more on the level of the stream. The trail was flat and winding, but it was very narrow. One side of the trail was the cliff, and other side was the steep mountain. Though there no fear, but the we had some little ones with us. Falling from the narrow trail could cause some injuries, so we had to stay very cautious.

The little hikers

 Then we again started descending down, and we reached a point where French trail and Mill trail merge. From French trail we took Mill trail. The path was continually descending, and we reached the Stream Trail again. It was an easy hike. 


  1. Beautiful scenery and lovely places for hiking. Nice to find new places for outdoor activities.

  2. Bonjour,

    Merci pour la balade sympathique dans ce joli parc boisé... Vos photos sont très belles et me font découvrir un bel environnement.

    Gros bisous 🌸

  3. Such a lovely hike and a great achievement for the little ones.

  4. Hi Krishna, that's a very beautiful park. Your pictures are very well taken and very impressive.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Have a nice day, regards.

  5. The majestic grace of a forest..we are all so small:)

  6. What a great hidden gem! I lived in the Bay Area for 10 years and never knew about that place! I always went to Muir Woods and Mt. Tam to see the redwoods and hike.

  7. Beautiful Regional Park.
    I admire the beautiful old trees and wonderful smell in such a place.
    Krishna your relationship and photos are perfect.
    Have a nice weekend.

  8. I love walking among the giant redwoods, Krishna. Your walk is so beautiful and peaceful. It must have been a wonderful hike. ♥

  9. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  10. Absolutely wonderful! I really like this place!

  11. Bob and I a few years back took a similar trail walk in Michigan with our white pines...although not as big as the redwoods, they are the biggest pines we have here in Michigan. On my bucket list to see those amazing redwoods one day. Janice

  12. ...this tree hugger would love to be there!

  13. Glad you found more parking areas :-) It looks such a beautiful park!

  14. Lovely nature photography of a beautiful place ~ love the 'little hikers' ~ thanks for visiting my blog ^_^

    Wishing you a fun weekend ~ ^_^

  15. A very spectacular walk through those glorious redwood trees. I enjoyed your commentary and your photographs.

  16. Such beautiful pictures. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  17. That's a beautiful park - I love those huge redwood trees.

  18. Hikes during cool weather are the best! It looks like a wonderful place for a walk.