Monday, February 27, 2017

Carrot balls

Sometimes when I crave for something spicy, hot, deep fried, I cannot find anything in my kitchen to make what I want to eat. This happens many times.Oneday I when I wanted have onion fritters, I found only one onion was left. I couldn't use that, as I needed to use hat on next day's cooking. I opened my fridge, and found three big carrots. I decided to make carrot fritters instead of onion.

Here is my recipe:

Three big carrot

Two tbsp. of garlic powder

One cup grated cheese (I used Mexican blend)

Salt to taste

Enough bread crumb to make a thigh dough

Oil for deep frying

Wash and peel the carrots. Grate the carrots. I used the juicer, and I take the residue from the carrot. In a big bowl mix grated carrot, salt, garlic powder, and cheese. Then add bread crumb half cup at a time, and go on mixing until you get a tight dough. Divide the dough into golf ball sized ball. Heat 2-3 cups of oil in a heavy bottomed deep frying pan in high. I used a wok. In a frying pan you need to add more oil, as the bottom is flat and way wider than a wok. Fry the carrot balls until brown. In a plate line with a kitchen towel. Take out the fried balls in the towel-lined plate to get rid of the excess oil. Serve hot. 

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Five on Friday

The day started as a normal day. It had been weeklong. On the top of that it was a holiday. So, I just sat back and simply passed the time. While sitting on the carpet in my bedroom, I was thinking about my childhood. One little funny incident still I can remember though it happened decades ago. At that time my sister was a 1st grader, and I was just three years old. Both of us decided to steal some food from the shelf. However, mom was always present there. After much thought, my sister decided to steal in the afternoon, when mom used to take little nap. When mom went to bed, my sister asked to keep eyes on mom, so that she could steal the food. I was watching mom, and all of a sudden mom changed side. I got so scared and I shouted to warn my sister. As I shouted so suddenly, my sister also got scared, and she tried to climbed down from the shelf in hurry. In course of that action she tumbled down from top along with some fine china, and containers. What was consequence I couldn't remember. My sister told that mom spared me, but she was in trouble.


After a long time I felt to paint. However, when I opened my paint box, I found that I didn't have any blue color, which I needed to paint cloud. So I put back the canvas. Then I decided to do some cross stitch. I chose one design, where I needed blue floss. When I opened by floss box there was no blue floss. Again nothing I could find to do. So, I was sitting on the carpet and pondering over to find something to do. Again I remembered another incident,which was fun to me, bur that gave a cold chill to my mom. I don't know how old I was at that time, may 3 or 4 years old. My granny used to live near to us, but not that much near that a three years old could walk all alone. Anyway, one fine afternoon my sister took permission from mom, and took me to granny's home. What we did I couldn't remember, but suddenly I decided to go back home. I walked all the way home. When my mom asked my where my sister was, I told that she was still with granny. Then mom realized that I walked back all the way alone. On the other side granny already started searching me frantically. Anyway, mom sent her message that I already reached home.

As yesterday I couldn't do any kind of craft work I wanted to do. So, I went Michaels'. As you know I have a great weakness to this store. However, this time I was determined not to buy any other stuff apart from paint and floss. Still I bought an extra spool of thread to make bead jewelry.

At last I sat down in the afternoon to do cross stitch after a long time. I have big collections of cross stitch pattern. Though I chose one pattern on Wednesday, still I rummaged over all the other designs. Then I decided to stick on the pattern which I chose before. Hopefully, I would finish quickly.
This is for all my blogger friends


yehhh!! At last Friday. As usual I was super busy on Friday.  From cooking, cleaning, planting potatoes, I finished an ample of works in the morning. I really amazed myself by finishing all the jobs within 12:00. Evening was fun-filled. We had a plan to go to Diversity Fair at my son's school. However, in the evening what happened to my son I couldn't understand, he just denied to go. Both of us tried to convince him, but we couldn't bend him. Anyway, I went to the fair all alone. It was a fun filled time. As we know we are coming from different cultures, different countries. To know the others' cultures , food, festivals, rituals, the PTA organizes Diversity fair every year. The parents usually volunteer  for that. This year Canada, India, Netherlands, Chile, Sweden, Palestine, Wales, United Kingdom , and Ireland participated in the fair. I'm thinking about writing in details about the fair. If you would like to low about the fair please let me know.

Traditional shoes from Holland

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Edgewood preserve hiking

Edgewood park was the destination for our January hiking. We hiked on different part San Mateo County before.

 As January was extremely cold, we decide to hike in the afternoon. It was a very easy hike. It was neither very high, nor very long. 

We started our hiking from beautiful wooden bridge. The park was nothing but a vast grassland. Some part of the trail was covered by trees. Some parts were just bare. Thanks to the continuous rain, the hill was covered with light green blanket of grass. At the starting the path was wide. Then we took a turn by the side of a little waterfall. 

Then the path was narrow with cliff on one side, though it was not dangerous. The cliff was full of big trees. On the other side the hill was covered with grass. Then we reached a bare area. As we were going to take turn, I saw a little gofer was peeking from its little barrow. 

All of wanted to take a glimpse of the little creature. The poor little creature couldn’t come out , as we were there. Then we asked the young ones in our team to leave it. 

Anyway, we reached a flat green land on the top of the hill. Then we decided to come back on the same path, instead of taking loop, as some of the hikers were feeling tired. That was a nice walk. Though we wanted to rigorous hike. May be in February we could go for a rigorous one. 

Monday, February 20, 2017

Visit to USS Hornet

After visiting all nearby aircraft, and auto museums my son was desperate to visit a ship museum. Past few days he was pursuing me to find one ship museum, but somehow I managed to avoid that by telling none of them exist nearby. However, he managed to find out about USS Hornet. As soon as he found out he was determined to visit there. Since early morning on Sunday when I was still in bed he was continuously muttering in my  ears to take him to that museum.

USS Hornet

The weather was very much dull and gloomy outside, not favorable weather to venture outside . Then it became huge argument between dad and son. To avoid further arguments he decided him to take him to the museum.I wanted to stay at home the whole day, but lastly to give a relief to my ears I agreed to go. 

Anyway, the USS Hornet currently docked at Alameda in Northern California, was commission in 1943 during second World War. After serving for long time it was decommissioned in 1970.

Aircraft control tower

 Then it was converted into a museum which proudly exhibiting its glorious history. We reached there around 12:00 in the afternoon. It was drizzling , and strong cold wind of gust from the bay making it difficult to walk. Anyway, through a slope we enter inside the first deck. After getting the entry thick and a small video about the ship, one of the guides took a group of visitors to show the ship. All the guides were actually former US navy personnels. The deck ,where we were standing before the tour was actually the aircraft hanger. The hanger was divided into to three parts. Though we saw a long huge hanger, but that could be compartmentalized by two strong heat proof doors. There was a reason to keep those doors. The war ships deal with all bombs, ammunitions, and other combustible elements. So, if any accident occurred in any of the compartments , that can be isolated by closing the doors. The doors were made to sustain high heat generated due to burning.  The sprinkler system on the roof of the deck served to reduce the which could be generate by the burning. 

From the hanger area we went down one step below by the ladder kind of staircase. We went down very slowly fearing of any fall. Imagine the crew members usually run up and down through those stair cases. We went to the berthing area of the crew. The tiny narrow wired cots were hanging by metal chains. They were kept portable so if needed, those luxurious cots could be hung low to make space for different activities. Then though the small doors we reached the kitchen of the crew. All the doors of the ship were almost half feet above he ground. That means you cannot just walk from one room to another, you have to cross the door. Keeping the doors above the door in case of any compartment get flooded, by closing the air tight door other parts of the ship could be kept safe from flooding. Before going to the kitchen ares we also crossed a small passage. A small stretcher, a first-aid box, saline and blood stand , and even a big operation light were kept there. That passage served as a make-shift hospital for the injured ones.  Then we reached the crew kitchen area. Those crew members were eating four times a day,but the kitchen was extremely small compared to the size of the crew. As the space is limited in a ship so, it was not possible to make a big kitchen. From there we went to the eating area of the crew. Before entering the eating area, the rack was kept containing a huge amount of stainless steel trays to take food.  Just imagine in the morning the member were coming to have oat meal and a cup of “Joe”. A cup of Joe means a cup of coffee. Once, one officer , named Joe Daniel ordered to serve good coffee to the crew, and also order no alcohol. From that time a cup  coffee is known as a cup of Joe. 

The make-shift hospital

After taking those trays crew would entered the eating area again crossing another door. That means the kitchen , and the eating area were different compartment. From the eating was saw a door which much bigger than the other doors, and that was on the ground unlike the other doors. That area was bomb assembling areas. The eating area also used as bomb assembling area. It was not possible for any one to carry fews hundred pounds by hand. They had to roll the bombs on carriers, so that door was on the ground.  Then we went to see the bakery. Imagine the bakery was active 24 hours where the ovens were working above 4 hundred volts. There was no air condition. Only thing was big vent blowing cool air. Compare to heat generated inside the tiny bakery the cool air was nothing. 
We also saw the small cafeteria where crew could buy luxurious food. However, the luxurious food were, may be hamburger or a can of coke. 

Berthing room
Crew kitchen

From there we went to another floor down, to see the engine room. The engine couldn’t be run with gas like aircraft or automobiles. The engine used to run by steam, which was generated from sea water which was ubiquitous. However, the salted water could not be used to create the steam. The water first distilled to make it salt free, then it was burned to so high heat, that one could not see the vapor. The steam was passed trough the huge duct to the move the turbine in order to move the propellors.

Inside the engine control room

 Each propellor was 15 feet long and weighed 15 tons. We went to the controlling room where we saw the steering wheels to move the ship forward and backward. The captain sits on the top send instruction from there, and the crew act in the engine room below the ship. It was not possible to hear anything, even it was not possible to hear what next person was speaking. Few bells were kept there, so, after finishing the job the crew rang the bell to inform the captain. 

If there needed to talk they talked though power phone. That was really incredible to know. 


All we know the war ships carries a number of aircrafts. However, launching those aircraft needed different mechanism. So, to know how they worked we went to the catapult room to know the hydraulic catapult system. During world war II the US marine used mainly hydraulic catapult system to launch the aircrafts. We saw some domed cylinder inside the room. Those domed cylinder had same shaped cylinder just below the next floor.

The hydraulic fluid was pressurized in these steel domed cylinders before being sequentially released into the horizontal brass cylinder. When the pressure from the brass cylinders were released it pulled the cables of the piston with tremendous force, and gave the tremendous thrust to the aircraft to give the initial force to take off.

Then we went up again to see the bomb assembling areas, and the two different elevators to lift bomb, and nuclear weapons. Then we went to the officers’ kitchen. That was much more sophisticated that the crew kitchen. One box kind of thin were kept one side of the kitchen, with few slots. The cooks from the kitchen used to load the box with food trays and let it go directing to dinning are of the officers. 

Dumb waiter

The box was called dumb waiter. The dumb waiter could be up and down by pulling and releasing a rope. We also saw the solitary confinement room. Can you imagine a jail inside a ship? I was really horrified to see that. Those narrow cells could barely hold a cot.

Solitary Confinement area

That was the end of our almost three hours tour. As usual I couldn’t come out from there unless I bought him a plane .

P.S. There may be mistakes in the information. How much I could remember I wrote down.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Five on Friday

Again this is the time for Five on Friday.

The day started as usual. I was in the mood to spend the day in laid back mode. In the morning when I was about to get in the car, my son told me that next day is 14th February. I totally forgot that. I was under the impression that Wednesday would be 14th. I checked my phone. Yes, he was right. I felt that the sky had been falling on my head. I had to finish all the gifts to be given on 14th. While crossing the road in front of the school our crossing helper Mr. A told me Monday and Tuesday would be minimum day!! Another jolt!! I also forgot that. I had only three hours in my hand to finish all the gift boxes. I rushed back home from school , and started finishing them.  Somehow I managed to finish them within 11:30 in the morning. On the other hand my house was in mess. I couldn't do any chores since morning. In the mean time  mom of one of my son's friends sent me a message whether I could take care of her son for few hours after school. I agreed to take care of the boy. Anyway, I rushed to school to pick up my son. Then rushed back home . In a hurry I baked one cake, as that kid loves my home-baked cake. After coming back from school, I started doing chores one by one. When everything was done, the child went back home with his mom, teaching my son was finished the clock was ticking  five thirty in the evening.I was a utterly exhausted.

Mid-morning coffee to boost up energy

Tuesday: Today was also another minimum  day in school. On the top of that I had volunteer duty in the school library. I went to school in the morning.Then I came back. Again went to volunteer then I came back. Again went to school to pick him. Within four hours I went to school three times. Wasn't that crazy?When in the evening I came back with my from the activities, a little surprise was waiting for me. Mr. Man bought an orchid for me on the occasion of Valentine's Day. That was a beautiful gift I received from him. I had a plan for a special quite dinner for Valentine's Day. However, HE wanted to of out for dinner. I knew all the restaurants would be crowded, but he was not in the mood to listen. We went to Thai restaurant. Though that food was delicious, but it was so crowded we had wait for a long.

Valentine's day dinner at Thai restaurant with yellow chicken curry, fried rice, pad-thai, and fish

Wednesday: Today was again a normal day. I didn't do any extra things apart from the normal one.

Valentine's Day gift from Mr. Man

Thursday: I woke up in the morning sweating. I was dreaming something. Yes!! I was dreaming that I was sitting in the examination hall for the final exam of my Mathematics major. After waking in the morning it took me time to realize that the final exam was over eighteen long years back, and I got my bachelor degree also. 

The first Daffodil in our garden

Friday: It had been raining since last night. Friday was busy as usual for me. Though the rain stopped in the late morning, but the gust of wind whipping so hard through out the day. Otherwise, nothing was special today. Just waiting for the long weekend to had long rest.

P.S. If you want to see the handmade Valentine gifts , you can find here.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day Handmade presents, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day to all of blogger friends. It is another time I want to say Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your love gives me enthusiasm to go ahead and upload stories for you.

This day is another normal day to me. I don't go for any roses, any chocolates, any dates  for this is day. I know all my near and dears ones love me unconditionally. I know , as I don't need to do anything to prove my love to them, and they also don't anything to prove their love to me.   
In the morning, when my son shows me his five little five finger  (that means five minutes more he wants to sleep) from under the blanket that is love to me. In the evening when Mr. Man what he should buy for evening snacks, that is love. 
Still I try to do some little different things on the day, like a little handmade gifts for Mr. Man or a little different recipes for dinner.

This was for my son's teacher

This year I decided to give some handmade gifts to my son't teacher. I usually go to volunteer in the library of my son's school on Tuesday. This year the Valentine's Day happens to be on Tuesday. So, I  decided to give a little to gift to the librarian. She was so happy with the gift. I always feel happy when people love my handmade gift.

This was for my son's teacher

This was for lovely librarian

I made a explosion box for Mr. Man feeling with chocolate, and I packed it in his lunch bag. Hope he would enjoy it in the office.

The explosion box

Anyway, this is a little Valentine's day celebration in my family. 
I love you ,all my Blogger friends. Hop,e in time I will meet at least some of you.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Five on Friday

Again this is Friday, the day to share five things through out the weeks. Again I want to thanks Amy for this wonderful idea. Since I've started sharing five things on Friday, I'm throughly enjoying it.

Monday: Monday was as usual a busy day. After two days rest, again it started in full swing. Apart from finishing all the jobs and responsibilities I finished making one chocolate box. I'm thinking, I'll give to my son's teacher on Valentine's Day.

Tuesday: It was not a good day at all. Since I woke up in the morning I started feeling restless. I couldn't even drink my morning tea. I went back to bed again. Still I couldn't feel well. Mr. Man managed everything in the morning. He dropped kiddie at school. In the afternoon I started feeling a little well. I decided to go to his school to pick kiddie. 

These will go in Valentine's day goodie bag

Wednesday: Everything came back to normal. I went swimming as usual. I did all the household chores.

The little Thank you card I made

Thursday: Since morning I was sitting in the couch. I was not feeling to do anything. Although I made a big to-do list, I didn't do a single job.I tried to paint a little , but that was a total disaster. Actually for long time I didn't sketch anything, and when I tried to sketch I couldn't do at all. Then I started making an explosion box card for Valentine's Day. I have a plan to give that to Mr.Man. In the evening I reluctantly opened me Etsy. OMG!!!! Someone ordered three of my cards. I was so excited I couldn't even talk. I was asking Mr. Man to come to me, but I couldn't tell him why. It is a very little thing, but it was my very first SALE. 

Explosion box in the making

Friday: Friday I usually do lots of jobs.  In the morning after dropping my son in school I rushed to post office to mail the cards. It was really exciting. I opened my Etsy shop in December. I made some Christmas ornaments , but none of them were sold. Anyway, hopefully in future I'll get success in my Etsy sale.

The three I sold

Please don't for get to visit my Etsy shop: From a mind of a girl

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chicken Kasha (curried chicken)

It was a Friday. Mr. Man was leaving for office, and I asked him to come before lunch. There was no reason to come back home from office early. I told him, if he could come back early, he would get a enticing lunch. As soon as I told that, him readily agreed to come back hone early. After he left, I sat down to think, what could I cook. Actually I was not in the mood of cooking. Slowly I went back to kitchen. Standing in front of the kitchen window I was thinking, what on earth happened that I asked him to come for lunch. I raked my finger in my hair for some time. Then chicken kasha came into mind. I pulled back my hair, tied tightly with a clutch, and started my cooking.

 I don’t know the actual recipe of Chicken Kasha (Chicken in spicy gravy). Whatever, I cook totally my recipe. 
One whole chicken (I used half of it)
One cup greek yogurt 
One tsp ginger paste
One tsp garlic paste
One medium sized onion
Half cup tomato paste
Half tsp. cinnamon powder
Half tsp. clove powder
Half tsp. nutmeg powder
Salt to taste
Pinch of turmeric powder
Three tbsp. of oil
Marinate the chicken with yogurt, and salt. Keep it for half an hour. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan in medium. Sauté  the chicken pieces adding  a few at a time in the oil. Take the pieces in a bowl, and keep them aside. In the same oil, add ginger paste, garlic paste, and onion. Sauté for few minutes with covering the  pan. Then add the tomato paste. Stir well, and let it cook, covering the pan. Check time to time, and scrape the spices from and side of the pan, as well as scrape the bottom. When oil start oozing out, add all the powdered spices, salt, and  turmeric powder. Mix well, and cook for 2-3 minutes. Add the fried chicken pieces, mix well. Let it cook for some time. Then add  two cups or more water. Bring into boil. Cook until the chicken in done. Uncover the pan, keep cooking until the gravy becomes thick. Serve hot with sweet fried rice.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Glenn park hiking, San Francisco

Again another family friendly hiking became essential. Some of our teammate willing to take their family with them. Among those member, one was a three year old child. So, for the convenience of all, a park in SFO was selected. It was planned that we would go hiking in a park in SFO, from there we will go Twin Peak hiking, then there would be an ice cream party at one of our teammate’s place. 

Our plan was to start hiking at 10:30. Among the fellow members we were the first to reach , though we live farthest from the park. We three started strolling around the park . 

Then other members started  coming one by one. It was nice and beautiful park. The sky was gray with clouds, but not raining. It was chilly, with jackets still we were feeling cold. Like other SFO parks this park was also full of beautiful small and big trees. 

People were walking around the parks. Some them were doing different kind exercises from dancing to team games. Wild flowers were blooming here and there. We strolled for an hour or so. Some of us wanted real hiking, not strolling. So that we could feel that, yes, we worked out! This strolling didn’t satisfy us. Our plan was to go hiking at Twin peaks. However, it was not possible for all the members to hike there. 

One of us suggested going to Glenn park. She told after crossing one children’s park we could see the treasure. Walking through the children’s park, we suddenly stopped at one point  where the ground abruptly ended. 

We stood at that point and could see the way down a small hiking path amid green forest and beautiful gray colored big boulders. Those naturally created boulders stack  looked like that someone painstakingly piled them up to look beautiful. Beside the cliff there was small wooden stair case by which we could go down and down. 

Going down was an easy task. After going down through the stairs we hit the trail. The sides of the trail were full of different colored wild flowers. On the midway some of us refused to go down anymore in the fear of difficulty to coming up .We asked them to go back by the same way. Five of us, among them was my little one went further down. Then we got the real pleasure. The upward route was little harder than the stair case.

 It was winding around the hill. At one point the strip was narrow and on the top of that one big boulder almost blocked the way. One by one we passed the strip sidewise. On the top of that the Strip was extremely steep. We were almost out of breath after crossing that, but that gave us satisfaction of hiking. At that time it started raining, though we couldn’t feel the drizzle .

 The thick greens didn’t let us feel the droplets. However, as soon as we climbed up and came back to the children’s park we could feel intensity of the rain. Anyway, that was the end of our hiking. After that we went to have a delicious lunch at the Chinese restaurants.