Tuesday, October 25, 2016

United Kingdom trip (Part 7)-London

London Day 2

On second day of our London trip we three went to visit the rest of the parts of London. First we went directly to Kensington station, from where we walked to the Natural History Museum. My son had been constantly debating with us for going to Science Museum. The terra-cotta colored typical Victorian high ceiling building was situated very near to Kensington station. The huge building was built using terra-cotta to fight with the harsh climate of London, was proposed by Alfred Waterhouse who was the main in-charge of the building, after Captain Francis Fowke died.

Natural History Museum

The building very much look like castle. When we reached the museum, we stood behind a long waiting line.  Many school children as well as a bunch of tourists were coming to visit the famous museum. Just entering the museum we could see an enormous model of the dinosaurs skeleton was standing tall under a huge archway, partly covered with glass. With sun light coming through the glasses making the skeleton dazzling bright black. Various fine designs were created on all the pillars of the building. The museum had a vast range of exhibits from various segment of natural history.

 Again we just see few of them and came out, as we planed to visit the London bridge and Tower Bridge. Before that we decided to have lunch. To waste minimum time on lunch we went to a Starbucks. While walking towards the Starbuck, I saw the Victoria-Albert museum. I wanted to go inside , but, I knew that, if I went inside, I would spend the whole day there. 

Monument to the Great Fire of London 

Anyway, we started walking towards the London bridge. We tried to find out the route from mobile map, but searching the route on mobile was very difficult. Somehow we managed to walk on the right way. I had under the impression, that there was one bridge with two big tower was the London bridge. However, that was incorrect. We reached the London bridge, but I thought that was not the correct one, and we were about to walk to the other bridge with towers which was very near to that. Out of curiosity I walked down some steps along side of the bridge to see the bottom, where I found the name inscribed London bridge. Then I realized we were actually standing on the London Bridge facing to the tower bridge. This London bridge had a fascinating history. It was built by the Romans 2000 years ago. The nursery poem “London is falling down” actually tells  the history of the bridge. In  different time it was built with different material and it was destroyed under various circumstances, before the modern bridge was built in late 19th century.

London Bridge


After we started walking towards the Tower bridge. At that point of time we desperately wanted a map. Luckily I saw a lady was distributing London Map, and we took one map from her. She also suggested  the places we could visit. One of the place was Greenwich City.  Anyway, we reached the iconic Tower Bridge built in late 19th century , one of the prides of London City. The bridge is a combination of bascule and suspension bridge. We crossed the bridge and reached the Tower of London. 

Tower bridge

Tower of London

The colossal medieval stone structure staring on a vast area of land. It was first built by William the Conqueror, but during Tudor period it was used as a prison. I was very much fascinated with Tower of London. I read many historical fictions based on King Henry VIII, and Tower of London was played a vital part on those books.The enormous building is standing silently bearing so much history through the time. The black  stone building with small window like opening ,witnessed suffering of the captives inside.It gave chill in mine spine, specially because I read those historical novel , where I read many brutalities , which are occurred at that time. I wanted to go inside, but later decide not to. First of all the ticket price was very high, and we had very less time. I think it would take two to three days to see the dungeons inside the prison. Those enormously thick prison walls were the silent spectators of those bygone days. 

Old and new are co-existing

From there we took train and went to Greenwich City to see the Prime Meridian from where the world is divided into east and west. 


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I believe there's an old London Bridge that was disassembled and reassembled in Arizona.

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