Thursday, October 20, 2016

United Kingdom trip (Part 5)- Bibury village

Leaving behind the city hustle and the century old buildings we drove towards Cotswold to get some fresh air, see the rural beauty amid greens. Crossing the freeway, through the narrow lanes ,and by lanes with trees covered like umbrella from the top we reached Cotswold. The cerulean blue sky and chilly breeze invited us in the bright green nature where the Bibury village had been existing for years. As usual we faced parking problem. Like us, many tourist came there to take a glimpse of the beauty of the sandstone cottages with high roofs. After going up and down few times we parked our car  near The Sawn Hotel.

The calm River Coln was flowing in between the Sawn Hotel and the Bibury village weaver houses. Standing in  front of the The Sawn Hotel, which itself a spectacular building, we could see the village on the other side of the little river.

 No, there was no grandeur ,no huge spires, but the building was so homely, I felt like going inside just to sit with a cup of hot tea at window and watch the greens out side. Before crossing the Coln River we stood on the wooden bridge over it to see the beauty on the both side of the bridge. The water was almost stil, with all the algae the color of water turned into verdant green.  Different  wild flowers were blooming here and there clearly telling that it was summer. 

After crossing tiny little bridge we started walking under shadow of huge green trees, with so many branches full of bright green leaves almost resisting the sun rays to come through. The sun was very gentle. The chill wind was giving us a shiver every now and then.  We trotted on the walkway to reach in front of those houses , completely laden with deep green creepers, with tall steel colored roof. 

All most all the houses were attached with each other. All of them had tiny garden in the front covered with vibrant colored flower. Many of the houses still had occupants. All most all the windows were decorated with white lacy drapes, gave an extra beauty to the houses.
Ones these houses were occupied by the weavers, The workers supplied cloth for fulling at 17th century Arlington Mill, which served, at one time, as a corn mill. Currently the mill was a museum.

The place was beautiful, and mystique that we were thinking of buying one that settling down there, which was a wild idea, I know, but the serene place could attract any person, and could hold him days after days with its beauty. 


Gosia k said...

The houses are fantastic and the architecture so original

The Joy of Home with Martha Ellen said...

How lovely! I'm sure you enjoyed every moment.♥

cheshire wife said...

Thank you for visting my blog.

I have just had the most wonderful trip down memory lane. At the beginning of October last year we went to a wedding at the Swan Hotel, Bibury. The setting was almost magical and the weather was wonderful.

I spent three great years at Bath University and when I graduated my first job was in Oxford. Happy days. Thank you for the memories!

Stephanie said...

Hello, sweet friend! My, what a lovely post! I so enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

Thank you for the delightful visits to my blog - your comments are such a joy to read. Hugs!

Mac n' Janet said...

One of my favorite little Cotswold's villages. Have sat and painted there more than once.

beena stephen said...

Fantastic post dear.Thanks for sharing

beena stephen said...

Fantastic post. Thanks for sharing

Nancy Chan said...

What a lovely place surrounded by green!

Beauty Unearthly said...

Lovely post dear!Have a great weekend! xx

JoJo said...

I've heard the Cotswolds are gorgeous and your pictures confirm that. Although I'm not crazy about having to share walls with other people. I would need a stand-alone house.

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