Sunday, March 6, 2016

Huddart park hiking

As soon as the alarm went off in the wee hour of morning, Mr. Man jumped out of the bed. 6:30 in the morning of a foggy damp Sunday is really wee hour. I tried to drift off in to slumber, to get some sweet morning dreams. Some great kicks like a pro soccer player from my son made me jumped out of the bed. I didn’t peek out through the curtain after waking up. That was right thing I did in the morning after waking up. I knew, if I saw outside, I would promptly changed my plan of hiking, and would jump into bed again.

Wild berries

I could capture the bicyclist

It was a long drive from home to the hiking spot. In the same area we went hiking on a different trail before. This one of our hiking team members decided the very trail, because this time we wanted a family friendly trail. Some of the spouses wanted to come with their little ones. The Chickadee trail was the best for that. It was very small trail, almost with no elevation. Anyway, when we start from home, the outside was almost white with thick fog, almost everything was invisible. While driving we were anticipating more fog on the  area where we were going to hike. 

Huddart park was near to Half moon Bay, and generally the place was foggy and rainy through out the year. Though we thought that, but when we drove near Half Moon Bay, the weather was different. There was no sign of fog, but the sky was populated with heavy dark clouds. It was verge to pour on us. It seemed that, the clouds had been waiting us to reach our destination.

 The narrow winding road with thick forest , and cliff on one side made a spectacular beauty, though it was a little tough job for the driver to drive. The thick forest, with a mixture of big redwood trees, and other trees with some peeking bright red wild berry, with a dark gloomy sky over the head, made the place so unique, I couldn’t even imagine that I was only 30 miles away from my home. Just crossing 30 miles I reached a place, where nature was living with its full glory,uninterrupted  by anything.  This was the place, where people were living in picturesque cottages amid nature , and they fully embraced a small-town’s slow and peaceful life. 

I had been keeping track of our route on the cell phone, before taking my head up and look outside. Suddenly I saw a very small market place with boutique shops before entering the forest with gradually decreasing homesteads. 
When we reached the park, we saw the ranger’s empty office. Before getting very much confused we found out tiny locked box on a stand where we could pay the park fee. In the mean time two of our fellow hikers lost the road, and reached the archery area on a different side of the park. The GPS system on their phone showed them some different rout. All of us were very much new in the area, so hat we couldn’t guide them to the Chickadee trail head. At that very moment a ranger appeared in front of us. We sought help from him. At last when all of us unite on the trail head, we were way past from our schedule time. 

rough skinned newt

The trailhead was full of leaves, with redwood trees on one side. First I made a mistake, then I found out the actually path, when everyone started walking. The small narrow trail was covered with thick bright green trees, apart from the tall redwood trees. It already started drizzling, but due to thick forest we couldn’t feel that. All most all the stump of the trees were covered with bright green parasites, and some time big bright yellow fungi popped out from the hollows of the trees. 
The soiled path led to an open area with a vast green grassy patch. The trail was so small that it couldn’t satisfy us. We wanted to toil more. So we took another path which was not a trail, and walked on the same path twice. Though we were’t tired, still we decided to go back. 


JoJo said...

The newt bums me out more than banana slugs. lol Half Moon Bay is so pretty. I wish I'd spent a little more time down there.

Rose said...

A nice hiking place. When my kids griw up, I would like to go hiking more with them.

eileeninmd said...

Hello, the blossoms looks beautiful. Sounds like a nice hike and a great park for your walk. The newt is cool. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

Lucie Shoesmaniac said...

great shots and place :)
weekend outfit

Julia said...

The berry bush looks so beautiful and so does the green moss. You are brave to go hiking in the fog. It looks like the trails are not well mark with signs.
Thanks for sharing your hike.

Gosia k said...

Lovely natue at your place. Love from Poland

mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a great hike, with lots of interest. Thank you for your visit, hope you will pop in again.

Rhodesia said...

I love nature but gave up camping some years ago. Thanks so much for your visit. Diane

mun said...

Sounds like a very nice and pleasant hike. I went hiking recently in the equatorial tropical rainforest and it was a very different experience from yours:

Rajesh said...

Beautiful shots of nature. A very nice place to hike.

Beauty Unearthly said...

Excellent post (as always)!

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