Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Zucchini soup

One large zucchiniOne large onion’Salt to tasteOne fourth cup sour creamHalf cup milkFreshly ground pepperTwo tbsp. olive oilOne bay leafPinch of nutmeg

Cut zucchini and onion into medium sized pieces. Heat one tbsp. of oil in a wok. Add bay leaf. Add zucchini, and onion. Cook the vegetable for few minutes, covering the wok stirring occasionally. When the vegetables become tender, add one cup of water, and bring into boil. Boil for few minutes. Switch off the stove. Discard the bay leaf. Pour the vegetables along with the water into an electric mixer, and make a paste. In a bowl mix sour cream and milk well, avoiding any lump. Again in the same wok, heat another tbsp. of oil, add the vegetable paste, bring into boil. Add nutmeg and salt. Add another 2cups of water. Boil the soup under high heat until the desired consistency reaches. Lower the heat to medium. Add cream-milk mixture. Boil the soup for few minutes in low heat. Sprinkle freshly ground pepper, and serve hot.

Based on: Zucchini soup, Hadia's Lebanese cuisine 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Stuffed omelette

Three eggs (or half carton of egg white)Two tbsp. all purpose flowerOne fourth cup milk Salt to tasteOil spray
For filling
5-6 mushrooms
One medium sized onion
One small tomato
2-3 cloves of garlic
Half cup cheese (I used shredded Mexican blend)
Salt to taste
Two tbsp. oil (I used olive oil)

The filling
Cut the mushroom into this slices. Finely chop the onion. Chop the tomato, and garlic. Heat one tbsp. of oil in a heavy bottomed pan , and add all the vegetables. Fry for few minutes covering the pan. When water starts oozing out of from the mushrooms, uncover the pan, and continuing frying under medium heat. When the mushrooms are soft increase the heat to dry up the vegetables. Add cheese and mix well. Keep the stuffing aside. 
The omellette
In big bowl whisk egg (or egg white), milk,and salt.  Grease a large frying pan with cooking spray and heat in medium heat. Add half of the batter, and spread all over the pan. Fry until the batter almost dry up on the pan. Then flip and fry the other side.On one half add half of the staffing of the omelette. Fold the other half over it. Put the omelette on a plate, serve hot. 

Friday, January 16, 2015

A day trip to Sausalito

Though I live near to the place, but I’ve never been in Sausalito before. I heard very much about the place. My of my friends who already visited the place, told me how exciting the place! So, for a long time I was thinking of visiting the place. So, I asked my husband to take one weekend there. After much dallying at last we could go there on one Sunday. After reaching there, I really understood, how much I missed till the day. When we reached there, we people were roaming around in bikes. I thought that, people of this small town love biking. But that was not. May be the people of the town love biking, but,that I don’t know, but the people usually come from other parts, rent the bike here and roam around there. 
On way to Sausalito

Sausalito is a unique and picturesque community, perched on a hillside between the San Francisco Bay and the Marin Headlands.
I spent the whole day with my family, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before going there I didn’t check about the area to find out the attractions, so we just roam around the city, and everything came in front  of our eyes with its own beauty, I felt that, the place was just reluctant about the rat race of modern times. The Bay area, where every one is crazy about technology. No, the city is different, still it has the old charm. Every house is very beautiful. I feel that, everywhere is peace. Roads are narrow and hilly. The houses were peeking from the green. As the town is amid the mountain, one lane can be much higher than another one. Somewhere the roads are connected with steep staircases. Somewhere, the shops are much lower than the road. Lanes are really narrow. As the place is a tourist attraction, and not much places was there to park cars, we faced difficulty to park our car. After roaming through the lanes we finally found the good place to park our car on the side of the road. Not many vehicles were on the streets, may be we went on Sunday. But, I think the city is not crazy like the Silicon Valley, where everybody is running. 
A beautiful house on the hill top

As soon as we parked our car, my son started feeling very “hungry”. He didn’t give us much time to find out a suitable restaurant to eat. Actually, before going there my husband selected some of the restaurants, after reading the review on the internet, but our son didn’t give that much time to find out those restaurants. As I am allergic to sea-food, we had to exclude those. But, as the town is situated by the side of the creek, sea fish, crab, lobster are available easily. So, almost all the restaurants serve scrumptious seafood dishes. My husband, who is extremely fond of seafood, could not indulge himself with that, partly of my allergy, and partly for our son’s tantrums. We hurriedly chose one Italian restaurant to stuff our stomach with the flavors of Italy. We devour with panini, chicken carbonara, chicken enchilada. As usual my “hungry” son, didn’t eat at all. After that we decided walk along the side of the creek. That was great place for boating. People, who have yacht, usually park their yachts along the designated areas of the shoreline. As soon as my son saw those “boats”, he desperately wanted to ride one of them. We tried to explain that, those yachts are belonged to other people, and those are private. We couldn’t use them. 
Ferry building

However, he was tenacious to understand that. We just wanted to walk along the shoreline, but he annoyed so much, I decide to go back. Anyway, eventually we reached the Sausalito ferry stop. To keep our promise, we took ride on ferry from Sausalito to Ferry building , San Francisco. We had nothing to do there. So, after reaching there, we just turned around and took the same ferry, and came back Sausalito. My son, was satisfied, as at last he could ride the boat. After getting down from the ferry, we just started walking along the street. Suddenly, my husband showed me staircase. Just out of curiosity, we started climbing up the staircases, and we landed up on another street, just parallel to the first one. It was really amazing. As we walked along the street, we could see the backyards of the houses down the road. Residents had their own private staircases from the road to their backyard. The stairs are usually locked with small gate. Some where, residents have their parking garage on the top. From the garage they have their stairs to go to their house. Then we took a sharp turn on very steep road to reach the point where we started. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Stuffed mushroom soup


6-7 Big mushrooms
One median sized carrot
One medium sized onion
One egg
One tbsp.  (more or less) tomato ketchup
Half cup or less shredded cheddar cheese
One tsp. soy sauce
One tsp.dark soy sauce(Actually I used oyster sauce, but who are vegetarian, they will use dark soy sauce. There is no such taste difference between using oyster sauce and dark soy sauce)
One tsp. chili sauce
One tsp. tomato ketch up
One tsp. sugar
Salt to taste
One tbsp. oil (I used olive oil)


Wash the Mushroom, and discard the stems. Drizzle a little salt in the mushrooms.Take deep small bowl or a measuring mug whisk the egg with little salt. Pour 2 tsp of the egg on the cavities of each mushroom. Pour few drops of tomato ketchup on the egg, and sprinkle cheese on the. Heat the oven at 350 F. Bake mushrooms for 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile thinly slice the carrot. Cut the onion into cubes. Heat oil in a deep saucepan. Add the vegetables, and sauté. In a small bowl mix all the sauce along with sugar. Pour the sauce mixture over the vegetables. Mix well. Add 4-5 cups of water. Bring into boil. Take out the mushroom from oven and keep aside. Add salt in the soup. When all the vegetables become tender, add the mushrooms. Boil the soup unto desired consistency. Serve hot.

Submitted to “Lets cook/ create hot beverages”, hosted by http://www.simplysensationalfood.com

Friday, January 9, 2015

3 herb chicken

Dill is known for its very strong smell. I’ve never cooked any dish with dill.
Once I watched one recipe in youtube where the chef used dill on the dish, and he told about the strong smell of dill. The other day I went grocery shopping, and I picked u dill along with kit and coriander leaves. And I cooked biryani, where I used all the three herbs. The taste was really, really good. So, I decided to cook chicken using these three herbs. 
One pound chicken (I used boneless, you can you use any kind chicken you like)
Two stems of dill
Two stems of mint
A handful of coriander leaves
Three tbsp. of yogurt
One tsp. ginger paste
One small sized onion
Salt to taste
Pinch of turmeric powder
Pinch of garam mashala
3-4 green chilies
One tsp. paprika powder ( If you like hot enough , you can use red chili powder)
One tbsp. of oil

Wash the chicken pieces and pat them dry in a kitchen towel. Take a deep bowl, put the chicken pieces in to it. Chop the coriander leave, cutting and discarding the end of the stems. Chop the dill, cutting and discarding the end of the stems. Tear the mint leaves from the stems , and discard the stems. Add all the leaves in the bowl containing the chicken pieces. Add yogurt, ginger paste, and salt. Mix well, and keep the chicken overnight.
In the morning, finely chop the onion. Heat oil the in a wok, in medium heat. Add the onion and fry until oil oozes out from it. Add the marinated chicken and cook under medium heat covering the wok. Stir the chicken occasionally. You may need to add water. Add water 1/2 at a time. When chicken is almost done, add salt, turmeric powder, green chilies, paprika powder, and bring into boil. Boil the curry unto desires consistency.
Serve hot with roti or steaming rice.