Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Beautiful Big Sur

As we entered Hwy 156, everywhere was covered with dense fog. That weather was unexpected to us. It was hard to understand what was actually existed both sides of the road. We didn’t whether there was trench, or ocean, or homestead , or something else. Everything thing was hidden beneath the fog.When we reached the Breakfast club, the weather was not chilly, but very damp. I thought that damp weather was going to dampen our day trip. Anyway, when we came out after our breakfast, the Sun also came out from behind the cloud, and it appeared a beautiful sunny day. 

On Hwy 1

Clouds were hovering from behind the mountains

Our first stop was the Garrapata State Park. It was actually by the side of scenic hwy 1. The whole journey was between the hill and the ocean. We stop at Carmel River beach. The beach was full of tiny pebbles instead of sand. In the beautiful sunny day the white cloud like cotton wool was hovering on the sky from behind the mountain. And the mountain was illuminated by the direct sunlight, which was looking stunning golden yellow. Just beneath the mouton ocean water was striking now and then at the foot and telling its presence. The cool yet pleasant breeze welcomed us to that tiny beach. The beach was almost empty, very few people were there.

Beautiful Pacific ocean
Algae are taking flower shape as water is knocking them
The lone fisherman, hope he got success

One side of the Pacific is showing beauty, another side the mountain stood firmly

We could feel the cool and calm weather and see the serenity of the place. Though our next destination was Bixby Bridge, but we stopped at another point.  Again the Pacific Ocean showed us his beauty. The ocean was far below from the mountain changing from sea green to dark blue. Near the shore water was coming in such a manner that the algae were taking a flower shape, and they were moving in a round. That was really worthy to watch. I wanted to go down to the shore, as I saw some people were fishing there. But I couldn’t found any easy path to go down there, so I didn’t dare to go. On our way to  Bixby bridge, we stopped our car, to another bridge, thinking that was Bixby bridge, but,which actually that was Point Creek bridge. It was a good decision that we stopped there, so we could see the beautiful structure of the bridge. Actually the bridge joined two mountains who were abruptly ended. In between two mountain there was a deep ditch.Next came the Bixby Bridge, which was almost same as Point creek bridge. We stopped our car there and spend some time to see the beauty of the bridge.

Point creek bridge
Bixby bridge, two bridges are almost same
Water is gushing through a small cave

In our last trip, we couldn't visit one lighthouse, this time there was also one Light house, Point Sur light house in our itinerary. This time happened the same with us. We couldn’t find our way to go there. So, we drove straight and entered Pfieffer Big Sur State park. The type of trees were totally different from the rest of our journey. Till then we saw only small tree and shrubs, here suddenly the trees changed from shrub to big tall Redwood. The entrance of the park was almost dark with the big redwood trees. 

Water is ricocheting on the shore
The enormous redwood trees welcomes us to Pfieffer state park

After entering the park, my husband decided not to go any further, but to go some where else. I was disappointed. I always love to go to any forest. Anyway, after seeing the map we decided to hike to the Pfieffer Falls. Actually we wanted to go Pfieffer beach from where we could hike to the Mcway falls, but the beach was closed. When we started the hike , we didn’t know that the hike was not so easy. It was a constantly gaining hight, and on the top of that the road was very dusty. Sometimes I felt that  I couldn’t make it to the falls. However, I won’t tell that the hike was difficult. I faced difficulty because I didn’t hike for a long time, so I lost my fitness. 

Pfieffer Falls

However, after all labor, we reached the bottom of the falls. Anyway, at least we could see some water in the falls. I thought the falls might be dry due to the lack of rain in this year. Then it was the time to return. 

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