Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chestnut cake

Few months ago we three of us had been rambling around Costco and feeling our shopping cart with different items, and Mr. S and I were discussing about our son’s eating problem. Every day I struggle with this very picky eater. He didn’t like to eat any kind of nuts because, he had to chew. Anyway, this time we decided to take chance and we bought a packet of chestnut, hoping that this time he would eat those. However, he dashed all my hope and simply turned down to eat. He was even reluctant to taste the nut. Since then the packet was just lying idly in my refrigerator. One day Mr. S opened the packet and showed the nuts were getting spoiled. Now what to do with a packet of chestnut?  I had to rescue them, oops!!! We had to consume them, but how to consume a whole packet of nuts? I didn’t know any kind of recipe. I tried to think many things, but every time ended up thinking about baking a cake with chestnut. Lastly I gave up creating recipes in my mind and baked a cake with those chestnuts. First, I was not confident enough to bake a cake, but I thought to give a try. Once I bake a financier with almond, so why not with chestnut? The cake turned out fine. Here is recipe of chestnut cake.

One packet of chestnut (500gm approx)
Half cup all purpose flour
One cup sugar
Half cup melted butter
One and half tsp. baking powder
Half tsp. baking soda
Three eggs or egg-white of four eggs

Dry roast the chestnuts. Coarsely ground the chest using a mixer. 

Take a big bowl, sift flour, baking soda, and baking powder, and keep aside. In another big bowl whip egg-white (or eggs) , and sugar with a electric mixer, until fluffy. Add the dry mixture into it. Again, whip to make a fine batter. Lastly whip the chestnut powder in the cake batter. Preheat the oven at 350 F. Grease a 9”X11” baking tray, pour the mixture into it. Bake for 50-60 minutes or a fork comes out clean. The chestnut cake is ready. Eat with hot coffee or tea.

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Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, very interesting chestnut cake. The texture look very soft and nice. I love this chestnut but enjoy it as a snack.

Best regards.

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