Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy women's day

What is women’s day I didn’t know till I took admission in Bethune College. I still remember the day when I was a grade XI student. Mrs. Kalyani Karlekar (She was a renowned social worker in Kolkata), was invited to our college. We attended the seminar at the Bethune College auditorium which was located on the top floor of Arts building. She shared many light moments with us apart from the lecture about the significance of the day. At that time I was too innocent to realize about that, but I still remember all the nice stories she shared with us. Now at the age of 36 though still it is not much clear to me why only one is to be celebrated for woman. There are many, many debates about it. Some women hate it, they think why one day to celebrate? Some women like it. They love to celebrate. To me every day is a celebration. When I feel depressed, I think, I’m a woman, I’m the pillar. There is no room for depression. So I want to say that, all of you are special. Be happy.


Happy Women’s Day



Rajesh said...

Nice one.
Wish you Happy Women's day.

Amy said...

What a lovely post. Happy Women's Day to you too. And so true, we should celebrate everyday! ;)

Hindustanka said...

Thanks! same to you!
Be happy and be loved :)

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