Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

24th December 24, 2012


In the morning after waking up, I told me hubby dear that I could only give bread - jam in breakfast. He promptly replied that, we would go for brunch outside home. I had nothing in my fridge to cook and I also didn’t want to eat bread-jam. So, I happily agreed with him. After a heavy rain throughout the day yesterday, today’s morning sunshine so enchanted that I felt to fly out like a bird. I also wanted to bask myself in the sweet morning sun. However, we were moving in a so slow pace in the morning, that, at last we could start from home at 12:30. First we went to Denny’s to have lunch. Since morning we didn’t have anything except tea. Oh! What a hearty lunch was that. After lunch I simply declared that I didn’t want go back home so early. Hubby dear agreed with me. Next we went to Kohls. I wanted to buy one specific dinner set, but unfortunately that very set was not available. Then I wanted to go to Michaels. The father-son duo couldn’t decide whether they would accompany me or not. I asked them to come with me. Anyway, as usual I started picking items one after another there. After half an hour I decided to control myself and go out from the store. Then he wanted to go to office for some urgent work. After finishing all those we headed to mall. For a long time I had been asking my husband to take our son to mall to take snap with Santa. At last today he agreed to go. When we reached the mall, I was stunned by the crowed in front of Santa. To my great disappointment they already closed their store and my poor son couldn’t take a photo with Santa. However, he didn’t throw any tantrum. He accepted the fact. Only he wanted to play for some time in the play zone. However, the day was very well spent. I felt the festive spirit.



Jay said...

its always fun to have relaxed outing with family..:)
wishing you n fly a wonderful 2013
Tasty Appetite

krishna said...

Thanks a lot dear... wish you a very very happy 2013

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