Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy new year

Just few hours are left. We are going to see the new dawn of 2013. Another open book is in front of you. Write what you like write on the 365 pages. I wish to all of my friends, that you could write all happy incidents on every page.


Friday, December 28, 2012

Holidays aren't over

The Holidays are yet to over. Still New year is yet to come. So, Holiday cooking isn't over. Here are some more Holiday cooking. The recipes will come soon.

Cauliflower soup with zucchini -corn bread

Carrot soup with zucchini-corn bread

Pasta-chicken soup

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

24th December 24, 2012


In the morning after waking up, I told me hubby dear that I could only give bread - jam in breakfast. He promptly replied that, we would go for brunch outside home. I had nothing in my fridge to cook and I also didn’t want to eat bread-jam. So, I happily agreed with him. After a heavy rain throughout the day yesterday, today’s morning sunshine so enchanted that I felt to fly out like a bird. I also wanted to bask myself in the sweet morning sun. However, we were moving in a so slow pace in the morning, that, at last we could start from home at 12:30. First we went to Denny’s to have lunch. Since morning we didn’t have anything except tea. Oh! What a hearty lunch was that. After lunch I simply declared that I didn’t want go back home so early. Hubby dear agreed with me. Next we went to Kohls. I wanted to buy one specific dinner set, but unfortunately that very set was not available. Then I wanted to go to Michaels. The father-son duo couldn’t decide whether they would accompany me or not. I asked them to come with me. Anyway, as usual I started picking items one after another there. After half an hour I decided to control myself and go out from the store. Then he wanted to go to office for some urgent work. After finishing all those we headed to mall. For a long time I had been asking my husband to take our son to mall to take snap with Santa. At last today he agreed to go. When we reached the mall, I was stunned by the crowed in front of Santa. To my great disappointment they already closed their store and my poor son couldn’t take a photo with Santa. However, he didn’t throw any tantrum. He accepted the fact. Only he wanted to play for some time in the play zone. However, the day was very well spent. I felt the festive spirit.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas decoration

“The heart of Christmas is the home. And for many, before any cookies are baked or gifts wrapped, decorating the house is the first pleasure of the season. From selecting the tree and unpacking ornaments to setting up the Nativity figures, the traditions surrounding the holiday home are agreeably familiar and revitalizing. Some people enjoy it so much that they start decking the halls at Thanksgiving; and for those who like to make their own trimmings, preparations can commence even earlier in the year. Only after New Year’s Day is the holiday finery reluctantly packed away. “—Country Christmas
I also had started decorating home just after Thanksgiving. Actually I had started creating all the decorating articles after Thanksgiving. Like Halloween I decided to decorate home with all handmade decorating articles. However, I should have started earlier to create all those collectibles. Each of them took long time. On the top of that I had an exam in December. Anyway till 20th I made something. Then I stopped doing. I was really tired, and I left some of them unfinished. I would finish those, but I would use in next Christmas. Here some of my homemade decorations.
The flowers are from Wal Mart and Michales
I bought this Christmas tree five years ago
Jingle bells jingle bells- a flower pot is converted into bell
A small pizza box is converted into a cookie box
The unfinished works

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday cooking

This I'm trying to cook a special dish everyday.However, I'm failing to do the same. Still I'm trying. Here are some of the pictures.
This is the season's first cake, the easiest one. I bake it with store bought cake-mix.
Pasta with baked chicken. This is one of the easiest pasta recipe. I've learned it from Martha Stewart Show.
Simple egg less vanilla cake for the sweet next door girl.
8th December, Saturday special- home made pizza
Apple-cranberry cake for a Christmas party. I learned the recipe from Food channel.
Carrot raisin cake for sonny's Christmas party at school. Though the icing was a great disaster, everybody enjoyed the cake.
Ginger bread cookies, on sonny's demand.
This is the latest addition, beet root cake.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chip-board box

In the middle of this year after coming back from India,we needed to buy a dinning table set. My hubby dear bought that from Ikea. After getting delivered in one evening, both of us sat to assemble it. While assembling my hubby found this very shaped chip-board piece inside the package. He knew me very well. He knew that,I was going to make something out of that. He asked me,"Do you need it?". I said, "yes,yes,yes". From that very moment i decided to make a box, and here is that one.  


The chip board piece was in this shape. Just appropriate to make a box.

One side was totally covered by gift-warp paper.

The complete box.

Top of the box.

Back of the box

Inside the box

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Half moon bay Tour

It was Saturday morning; I was in a very, very lazy mood. After all, it was a long weekend. After waking up in the morning, we had nothing to do. Suddenly my hubby decided to go to Half Moon Bay. I was totally unprepared. When he asked me to get ready within 12:30, I had only one hour in my hand.  I quickly prepared some food for lunch. I didn’t get time to find any information about the place. Anyway, I packed everything in my backpack. The beach could be cold. So, I packed our winter garments also.  We started as per our plan. The journey on Hwy 84 was fine. Then we touched Hwy 92. In the beginning it was fine. An indigo blue lake appeared on the both side of the road. The calm lake was so serene, that I felt like to get down and spent rest of the day on the side. Then the mountain started. I was completely unaware about that very mountain road. If I knew that, I would resist him to the alternative route. Our car was not in good condition. The car-belt was to be changed, but my hubby didn’t send the car to garage. The road was narrow and like serpentine. On the top of that we caught in the traffic snarl.

Though, it was scary, the positive side was that, I could see the beauty of the jungle through longer time. As he had to fully concentrate on driving, he could not see the beauty, he really missed something. Beneath the bright blue sunny sky, the dark green patch on the both side of the narrow road added an eternal beauty to the place, but the danger lied behind the beauty. The road didn’t want to come to an end. 
I felt that we had been driving miles after miles. However, I got the opportunity to click every moment. The road was going up and up. I was praying to go down safely. The view of the traffic on the road from the top of the mountain was spectacular. Then the car started was going fast on the downhill. My hubby couldn’t control the car, though he put the break, the car was going down in its own pace.  At last we touched hwy 1. It was a great relief. The weather changed suddenly from sunny to cloudy. The clouds were floating over our head. It was early afternoon when we reached there. The beach parking was full. We parked our car beside a narrow road. We walked down to the beach. All the tables were full of birds’ droppings. We couldn’t find a clean to sit. Hubby told to sit over that, because there were no other options. We sat at a table to have lunch, which was comparatively clean. We finished our lunch with homemade ‘luchi’ and potato curry.  After that we went to the beach. There were no paths to going down to the beach. We couldn’t jump from the above. At last we found a better path, to go down to the beach. We spread our blanket and sat down there to relax. In the month of September it was so cool that we had put on our jackets.  From the beginning our son was very excited to play on the sand. He himself packed his beach toys before starting from home. Without wasting time he started playing in sand. He started digging holes, and that was the most exciting thing to do there. We sat there for a while. Both of us craved for coffee, so we deiced to visit the other part of the beach.  The little one was not at all ready to leave, because he wanted to build a sand castle. Anyway, we went to find Starbucks.  We drove through a misty road with many cypress trees on both sides. Actually, the cloudy weather is perfect for cypress trees. At last we found out the single Starbucks there, and we literally rushed there. The shop was so extremely crowded, and we waited on a long queue, to get our coffee. As the place was over crowded, we went to sit in our car to have coffee. Then we went to explore the other parts of the bay. The weather amazed us every moment. When we passed the crescent of the ‘moon’, it was sunny at the middle of the crescent. As we reached the other tip of the bay, the weather became cloudy again. That part was very calm. Mainly the dog lovers were there. People were playing with their dog. The weather was very cool. First we thought to go back, and then we decided to take a walk. We really took an excellent decision, otherwise we could not get chance to see so many seals there.  We also became very excited like our little son to watching the seals. The most exciting for our son was the ships on the harbor. The steep hill just beside the beach was restricted, because the area was under US Navy. I wanted to hike on the hill, but that was not possible. It was very, very cold, so we decided to go back to the crescent, hoping that, that place would be little warmer, and our little one could see the ships there. My son was desperate to ride a “boat” as we started walking on the pier. We had a hard time to convince him that he couldn’t ride those “boats”. At last he gave up his desire to ride a boat because all the “boats” were full of “monsters”. The weather was cold and windy, though it was sunny there. We could see many seagulls and pelicans were circling over our head; those actually were searching for prey.  

 Suddenly we saw two pelican were fighting with one fish, and we immediately stopped there, to watch the end. Both of them were trying to snatch. Both of them were waiting for the right moment to snatch the fish. Other birds were flocking around them; they are also waiting for the right ‘moment’ to grab some pieces of the fish. Both of the pelicans were trying to fly away with the fish. At last both of them received half of the fish. It was late afternoon, and the time to go back home. While coming back I asked him to take the ‘safer’ route. Though that was also a mountain road, but much safer than the previous one, at least I could sit without fear. The road was not so narrow, but broad and straight. We started going on the foggy road, we couldn’t see much, but that didn’t make much problem to drive. The extremely quiet hill-town was sleeping amid green and mist. It seemed that, they were least bothered about the rest of the world. However, the journey through the sleepy town was nice. We enjoyed the day very much.