Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crochet bag

Few months back I created this one. I bought the crochet thread long back. However, I couldn't find anything to make. At last I decided to make bag. As the thread was too thin, it took long time to make. I couldn't keep my patience for a long. So, I made the bag small. :)



Sangeetha said...

Great job, lovely bag. I like the shaded thread. I have completed the tutorial for the potholder you liked. I will be posting it tomorrow, I mean today. The flower is a nice addition to your bag.

krishna said...

Thanks a lot dear. you have made my day. it is always sweet to get lovely comment from an expert like you. thanks a lot.

Nisha said...

very creative! do you have an Etsy shop? you can sell such pretty handmade stuff online if you are interested!

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