Friday, August 10, 2012

De Anza college flea market visit

Saturday means staying in the bed for long time in the morning. However, the little one always wakes up early every Saturday morning and makes me get out of the bed, and spoils my mood.

It was a Saturday like the same. However, we could manage to sleep a little longer, because the little demon fell asleep again after waking up early in the morning. When we finished our breakfast, it was already the time to leave home for the family story time in Sunnyvale library. After the story time as usual we set out for home. Suddenly my hubby dear started driving straight on Hollenbeck Avenue instead of taking left turn on El Camino Road. He told that, he just wanted to go straight, without any destination. On reaching near De Anza College we saw many people were on the road, which was very unusual there. Out of curiosity we wanted to explore the area.  I peeked from the car and saw the heads of many canopies on the campus of the college. I thought that a farmers market was going on there. Then we found that was a flea market. It was thrilling to me. I couldn’t help me without exploring the market. I knew only about the San Jose flea market. We even had been there before, but I was completely unaware about this flea market. Later, after coming back home I browsed the Internet and found that the De Anza Flea Market was started over 30 years ago by the students of De Anza College as a small effort to raise money.  The flea market had grown into an established community event attracting vendors throughout California.

Anyway, we also walked down there. That was a huge market of all used and vintage goods. All kind of household things were available there, in reasonable price. Which excited me most was the bead jewelry. An extensive collection ravishing bead jewelry could intoxicate any jewelry lover. I was little bit overwhelmed. The porcelain sets were so eye catching that it was hard to resist. I saw many vintage toys. Those are really, really cute. Even there was an old mechanical cake mixer. An old sewing machine reminded me, my childhood days, when my mother used to sew for me and my sisters. I’ve never seen all tin trucks. Might be I’ve played with those in my childhood, but I couldn’t remember. 

A glimpse of the market. I had no camera with me, so I couldn't take good photos. I took this photo in my hubby's mobile.


When we just entered the market, I saw a shop where the lady was selling different kind of items, from crockery to toys. One particular thing was attracting everybody. Nobody couldn’t understand what was that , including me? A lady asked her, and she told that was a cake cutter. That cake-cutter looked like a comb made of iron. That lady laughed very much and told that she thought that an antique comb!!!  The vintage items were there to delight the vintage lover. Though I liked a vintage try-cycle for children, but I didn’t buy that, because my little one already bought a bi-cycle just last month. All those rusted vintage items, like garden chair, rusted water pots were very attractive. Even vintage dresses were also available. The china dolls and collectible mesmerized me a lot. Anyway, I resisted me. The next thing I liked to mention here were the planted pots. Besides the usual flower pots and other plants, which were the most attractive, the almost microscopic planted pots. I was really amazing. My hubby liked that very much, but I didn’t buy one, because I thought that it would be difficult for me to maintain those tiny little plants.  Anyway, my son was getting mad as he couldn’t grab any of the cars. He didn’t want anything , but car. Lastly we bought a Disney car for him. The sweet lady at the shop asked him to stay good for one week, as his mama gave him a car. Actually I wanted to buy some beads instead of jewelry. When the very thought came into my mind, in fact at that time I was standing in front of a bead shop. The beads were little lesser price that normal market. I bought three strings of beads. There were too many shops to buy too many things, so I decided not to buy anything. Before leaving the market, a pair of salt and pepper pot attracted me. I thought to buy, but later I changed my mind. We left the market after that, but I knew that I would go there again very soon.


To any interesting person,

Location: 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino CA in the De Anza College parking Lot.

Time: First Saturday of every month.


Jay said...

sounds very doubt you had lots of fun..;)
Tasty Appetite

Rajesh said...

Wonderful experience at the market.
Kids always get up early on weekends, when you want to rest. We instruct our kids to sleep longer on weekends, but it never happens that way.

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