Thursday, July 12, 2012

Twelve hours at Singapore airport

Twelve hours sitting in a chair, doing nothing is an impossible job to me. I can’t sit idle even for a moment. If I don’t do anything I’ll go mad. Can you believe, that I’d to sit idle for almost 12 hours at Singapore airport, though there was opportunity to visit the country.

Anyway, I travelled by Singapore airlines exactly four times, and waited in Singapore airport each time during the layover. However, I’ve never been in the city, though, touring the city was not a problem. Singapore government provided facility for the same. First time when I travelled, I didn’t bother to see the city, because, at that time I was dreaming about the USA. Second time I wanted to visit, but, I faced some difficulties with my 4 months baby. Third time, I travelled alone with my seven month old son, so it was out of question to visit the place.  The last time I travelled by Singapore airlines was few months ago. This time my hubby was with me. I was determined, to visit the place this time. We got down in the middle of night at Singapore airport in local time. My hubby suggested that we would have some coffee at Starbucks’ and then to have some rest before going to the city-tour. I readily agreed with him. The Starbucks’ shop mesmerized such a way that I readily nodded my head in agreement with hubby. After five long month I Saw Starbucks’ and was dying to have a cup of coffee there. But, I was extremely tired, and I just settled down on a chair nearby the shop. My hubby dear went to buy coffee. Anyway, after having coffee we just sat idle for some time. 

Koi Fish pond in the middle of the airport


I didn’t understand that time passed very quickly. Anyway, after refreshing ourselves we went to the city-tour office. However, it was already ten past eight, and tourists were on their way to board the tour bus for 9 o’clock tour. So, there was no chance to board the 9 o’clock bus. My hubby insisted the officials to allow us to take the 9 o’clock bus. However, I didn’t want to do the same. I rather wanted to take the 11 o’clock bus. I told my husband that, we could have our breakfast before going to the tour. If we took the 9 o’clock bus, we would not be able to have breakfast. My hubby agreed with me. We went to the food court to have something. I wanted to sandwich, which I always liked to have. We went to the same restaurant, where we had coffee on our way to the USA for the very first time. 



The breakfast was really delicious. We had ample of time in our hand before going to the tour. It was a great opportunity to explore the whole airport, which I always loved to do, and do some window-shopping there, but the problem was with my little one. He was adamant to ride the sky-train.  Actually as we just enter the airport, he saw the train. The train-crazy little one could find train amid anything. For a long time we tried to divert him. My husband took him to the playground also, but all our efforts went in vain. He frantically wanted to ride train. My hubby restrained to anything, but to take him to the train. I was feeling too tried to go. So, I preferred to get rest on a chair. I tried not to sleep. For some time I kept myself awake, but very soon I dozed off. I didn’t know time passed by. I woke up in a vigorous shake.  I jumped on my feet, and saw that my hubby was shaking me and asking me to rush. We hurriedly went to the tour-office. Unfortunately, again we missed.  It was already 10:30, where we had to reach before 10. I just went mad. I wanted to yell and bang my head. I only knew how I hold back my anger. I asked my hubby about the cause of their delay. He told that, after reaching terminal three by sky-train, they had to wait for a long time to get the return train. I felt like pouncing on my little one. It was his fault. Only for him, the fourth time I couldn’t visit the city. My son started crying without any reason. I was so helpless to do anything. Everybody was staring at us. The situation was extremely embarrassing. Anyway, he fell asleep after some time; even hubby dear also went to slumberland. I was so furious, that didn’t feel sleepy at all. I sat beside them, couldn’t find anything to do. I took some photo of the airport. I already told that I couldn’t sit idle. So, I started writing, opening my laptop.


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Good things come to those who wait, Krishna. As they say in Bengali- "Shobur e mewa pholey'.

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