Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lost and found

Couple of day’s back, on one Sunday morning I was cooking for our guests. It was already 12:30 in the afternoon, and they were going to arrive at one o’clock. I was in hurry to finish everything. While cooking the pasta I felt that it was going to be less for five people. I asked my hubby. He suggested me adding some more pasta. However, when I went to open a packet of pasta, I couldn’t find it! I searched every nook and corner of our home. After putting much pressure on my memory I couldn’t remember, where exactly I store the packets. It was really astounding that, I couldn’t find out such a big packet in my one bedroom small house. I couldn’t find any solution. I had little more pennoni pasta in my kitchen, while I had been using fusili pasta .My hubby told me to put that pennoni pasta.

Actually, my kitchen is very, very small. So, the highest shelves of the closets in my house serve as my pantry. From jelly-belly to portable heater, everything can be found there. So, that Sunday  afternoon I searched those shelves thoroughly after my dear hubby searched for the same there. I couldn’t rely on him, so I searched second time without any success. Where the packet could be? Even my wild guess turned out to be wrong. Anyway, the preparation was good, so the shape of pasta didn’t matter.  However, that remained as a mystery. Where was the packet? The next day was Monday, and I was still in weekend mood, so I didn’t feel to find the pasta packet. I thought to find it out later. After two days while I had been arranging things in the closets I thought to find the pasta packets.  I searched every shelf in the kitchen. There was no sign of the packet. Even I didn’t forget to search the shelves in the bathroom!! But, where it was???  That was really an eerie circumstance. Then I opened all the suitcases. I knew that the packet couldn’t be in the suitcases, still I searched all the suitcases. I started rearranging everything. I put something out of suitcases, which could be used in near future, and put, something in which had no use. Suddenly I felt to throw away some cartons which kept under our bed for crafts. I thought that I might be not going to have time to do crafts in near future, so, instead of hording those cartons in the house I would trash them. Getting cartons in the future wouldn’t be a problem. First I peeked under my son’s bed. There were two empty boxes of cereals. I kept them there to make a shoe shelf!!! My wild imagination!!!  Am I a nut? Anyway, I pulled out one, and the pasta packet was inside it!!! I laughed at myself. A cleanliness fanatic person could do such kind of thing to keep her house clean.

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Anonymous said...

This always happens - when you're desperately searching for something, you'll never find it. And then suddenly discover where you'd least imagine.

But that was a LOT of work you did searching everywhere! Adding a different kinds of pasta or adding vegetables to pasta, I would have increased the quantity by doing something real quick than all the hard work, hehe.

And no, you're not nuts. I cut out cereal boxes, wrap in A4 papers, and have one box to store stationery, one box to store receipts, etc... :)

By the way Krishna, thanks for the feedback on the photography post!

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