Friday, September 2, 2011

Sunday Delicacy

Last Sunday I was in a mood to prepare something different for lunch. However, I didn’t want to give much effort to do that. I had cooked food in my refrigerator, but I didn’t want to have them for lunch. My mother suggested that we would take the food from refrigerator. Anyway, something else was in my mind. I told my mother that after coming back from the grocery store; if I had enough time in my hand I would cook biryani. I quickly finished my grocery shopping and came back home to prepare the biryani. I used a packet of spices from a very well-known company in India. The recipe was very easy, just to cook in microwave oven. I mixed the spices with the chicken then put the rice and water over the chicken according to the direction. It took 30 minutes to be ready. Actually, I made a mistake by not soaking the rice in water; otherwise it should be ready in 20 minutes. The taste was very good. Thanks to the spices, that I could make biryani within 30 minutes!!!!!


Linas said...

Wonderful! The magic of the spice packet!

Sayantani said...

recipe koi? ato bhalo recipe ta share koro plz.

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