Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lonavla Trip

Several years ago, in the month of July, I got a chance to visit my dream place Lonavla, which was famous in India. At that time I was living with my sister. One day, when both of us came back home after a long day at the office, she told that she was planning to go to Lonavla. Some of her office colleagues and she made the plan to go there on coming Saturday. She invited me to join them. Although, I had some works on that Saturday at the office, I managed to skip my work, and I joined them on the trip, because I didn’t want to miss that opportunity. All of us first gathered at the office where she worked, from there, we left for our destination in a rental vehicle. In India business of renting vehicle is different than in the USA. In India we usually get the vehicle along with the driver, who drives us to our destinations. Anyway, it was a fun-filled journey; we were chatting, shouting and cracking jokes along the way. Here I like to mention that; people prefer to visit Lonavla in the rainy season, when the place becomes stunning with vibrant lush greenery. We hiked to the Karla Caves, when we reached there, it was cloudy, but not raining. The caves were made by Buddhist monks in the 3rd to 2nd B.C., there were sculptures of males and females, as well as animals, including lions and elephants. It was really amazing that, those ancient people created flawless architecture by cutting huge rocks, without any sophisticated high-end instruments. Anyway, after spending some time there, we stopped at Bushi Dam, before going to Tiger Point. Even though, the dam was overflowing, over a series of steps at that time, it was easily accessible. People loved to drench themselves in the water, so it was very popular in rainy season.
We stopped at Tiger Point which was on a plain with deep gorges on three sides. We could see the lush greenery everywhere. I experienced a magnificent view of the nature there. From there, we saw that the clouds were below in the gorge. Later the clouds started moving up, and in the course of time we found ourselves amid the clouds. The clouds were so thick, that we couldn’t even see each other well. I cannot describe feeling, when I found myself in a beautiful state. After having lunch, we started our journey back, and at that time it started raining heavily. We were completely unaware that, the driver our vehicle was very unskilled and was completely unaware of the hilly road of Lonavla. We were terrified at that time. Fortunately, the driver had one assistant with him who guided him down the entire hill. After leaving Lonavla we felt relaxed.

N.B. Unfortunately, I currently don't have any picture of the trip. So, I can not share the photos.

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