Monday, March 28, 2011

LA revisited (March 5, 2010 to March 8, 2010)

I stepped in LA when I came to USA for the very first time. So I always loved the place. I spend almost 3 years with my family before we moved to the Bay area in July 2010. After coming to the Bay area I always wanted to visit LA at least for few days. I wanted to visit my old apartment and my friends. My husband I made a plan in our mind to go to LA within March of this year.
In the month of February on a Sunday afternoon when we were in library, Pritha, one of my friends called me and requested me to attend her baby shower party. I told her that I would let her know later. I told about that to my husband because it was absolutely dependent on him. At last my husband were able to manage leave for two days. First we could not decide whether we should go by road or go by air. I wanted to go by road but my husband wanted to go by air. Then I agreed with him because if we would go by road he had to drive as he did not relied on me to drive on freeway for a long time.
Our scheduled flight was on 9:45 in the morning on Saturday, 5th, from SFO airport. We decided to start from home at 7am in the morning. So I woke up 4:30 in the morning. According to our plan I made some sandwiches for our morning snacks. Then I finished rest of the packing. It was already 5:30 that time. My son didn’t want to wake up early. He just wanted to sleep more and asked us to go. Anyway we hurriedly got ready. When we stared for airport, it was 7:10 in the morning. First we went to Red Roof Inn hotel to keep our car there. We were dropped at airport from there. The SFO airport was not at all crowded. We smoothly checked in and went to security check line. My son was not at all willing to remove his jacket and shoes. He protested heavily. Everybody was laughing at his act. Everything was very smooth. This was the first time we travelled by plane hassle-free. We reached LAX airport at 11:10 in the morning. When we stepped out from the airport I became very nostalgic. I stepped in USA for the first time in my life in this very airport. It reminded me, my first feeling after reaching USA. My husband and I started reminiscing our feelings that time. Anyway after finishing some of our pre planned work we went to my friend Sharmistha’s home. As per my wish Sharmistha made some delicious South Indian dishes. To my delight she also added a sweet cold drink. That time we were too hungry and enjoyed the meal very much. We met after almost one year and chatted for a long time. At last my husband reminded me that we had to go Amit’s (another friend) house.  I watched my old apartment from outside. I felt like going inside. Around 6 o’clock in the evening we reached their home. Amit’s wife Payel is a very good friend of mine. We became very happy after seeing each other after a long time. We chatted for a long time. Ours sons played for some time. Then Payel’s son Ankush went to play with his friend. My son was very tired after a long day. He had his dinner and went to bed. When Ankush came back home my son was already sleeping. He was disappointed a little. Payel insisted him to have dinner. After much request Ankush agreed to have dinner. Payel and Amit tried hard for a long time to make Ankush have some foods but they failed. Ankush always wanted to watch fights or ghost in the television while having food. Unfortunately that time in none of those channels in TV was showing either fights or ghosts. Anyway after that we sat for having dinner. Payel cooked many fabulous dishes; among them were crab, prawn and mutton. My husband who is foodie became very happy. After eating too much my husband and Amit decided to take a walk to digest the food. J Payel and I again started chatting while we were making bed. Ankush was insisting to sleep beside my son. But no one had been listening to him for a long time. At last Payel agreed and allowed him. He lied beside my son for few moments and became satisfied. We went to bed early as all of us were tired.
On Sunday afternoon we went to Pritha’s baby shower party. Pritha was looking dazzling in her attires. We enjoyed the party a lot. My son became very cranky as he did not like the crowd. My husband went to meet his friend, so he was not there. After coming back he took our son with him so that I could sit in peace. The foods were extremely delicious. The party ended around 5 in the evening. Then we came back to Payel’s house. Our next destination was Sourav’s house in Lake Forest. Sourav is my husband’s college friend. He and his wife Shwali have a daughter, named Toree who is a year younger than my son. We reached their house around 8:30 at night. I was extremely tired. After both the children went to bed we relaxed for some time. At 10 o’clock at night we sat at the dinner table, I had no appetite at all. Still I ate. We had chatted for a long time before we went to bed.
The weather was very bad in the morning. Besides being cloudy, it was also windy and cold. We could not think about going out. Whole day we were chatting with mouth-watering foods and the two kids were our great entertainment. We had a plan to visit one of our common friend’s house. But unfortunately they had not been keeping well. So we dropped that plan. In the evening none other than Sourav became very impatient and wanted to go out. Then we went out for a ride and bought dinner from an Indian restaurant.
Tuesday was very sunny and the weather was very pleasant. But there was no scope for enjoying as we would be travelling back .Our schedule flight was at 2:45 in the afternoon.  We started from their home at 10:45. We reached airport without any hassles. My son was again not willing to remove his jacket and cap. We reached SFO at 4:00 in the evening. That was the end of our fun filled LA visit.

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