Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Struggling to get back in normal mode

I told that I was going on vacation, would be back in five weeks. Five weeks was  over long back, but I yet to come back in my normal mode. After spending five long weeks with parents, and in-laws I almost lost my normal mode , due to all pampering from them. I came back  two weeks back, but still to overcome the hangover. Due to the time difference of 12 hours, after coming I suffered from severe jet lag. On the top of that I got severe ear infection. Past fifteen days my son and I are suffering from cold and cough. 

I cannot stop whining here. Beside all these happenings,our home is getting remodeled. First , the problem was to get the permit from city. It took more than one month to get the permit. In the mean time our contractor already 
broke down the parts which is to be remodeled. Now we don’t have any bathroom in our house. We stayed few days in a hotel, then we stayed in a vacant apartment of one of our friends. 

Hope everything will be normal soon. Also I can update my blog regularly.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

My Candle holder collection

What are you thinking? I have a good collection of candle holder. No, rather, I have very few, though I love candle holder a lot. I’m writing about my candle holders, because all the candle holders I’ve in my collection have a little story behind it.  Sadly, I cannot show you one of them. I tried to find out the picture of that very candle holder, but I didn’t have any of that. First let me tell the story about that very candle holder which is no more in my house. That was a very simple one, still it had a story. There were three pieces in the collection. At that time we were living in an apartment, and my son was very little, only two years old. Usually, he didn’t touch any of the show pieces I used to keep in my house. So, I kept those little holders in front of the TV. One day somehow he managed to get one gift bag. I saw him playing shopping with his cars, and I didn’t disturb him. He had been putting all his cars in the bag until he dropped one of holders inside it. I heard the breaking sound, I hurriedly went to stop him. Before I reached to him, he already put the other two, and broke all of them. That was the end  of my three little candle holders. 

The first candle holder was given to me by a dear friend of mine. It is a hanging one. This was one of the best gift I got in my baby shower. It is still hanging in my living room. The rustic colored metal hanging pieces has four little cups, where I can put tea light candles. 

The second one is also a gift from one of dear friend. When she gifted that I was extremely delighted. I love to keep candle all over the places in my home. It is little wooden one in dark brown color.  Currently, I kept it one my coffee table.
I have one crystal candle holder, I got that one as gift from someone, but I cannot remember who gave that to me. The crystal candle looks gorgeous no doubt, but yet to find a suitable place to keep that in my home, where it will look attractive.

The only one I bough is the last one. I always had a dream to put three different size same candle holder on the mantle in my own home. So, when bought our home, I started searching my dream candle holders as my first decoration. However, whatever  I was getting all were out of my reach. I didn’t want to spend much money, as we were tight in our budget at that time. After searching in several store I fixed Ross. I knew if I went several times I could get something. At last, I got my dream candleholders. 

I won’t say they are exotic, they are very common, rather ordinary, but I adore them a lot. 

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Bags from old jeans

One day I was just viewing the pictures in Pinterests. I won't tell lie, I'm really addicted to Pinterests. While I was going through some handmade bag pictures I saw a picture of a bag made from old jeans  pant. That very idea struck in my mind. I desperately wanted to sew a bag from old jeans. However, I didn't have old jeans in my closet. For few days I really felt restless, as I couldn't sew a bag. Anyway, days passed I also forgot about that. 

Anyway, few months bak I was thinking about some handmade gifts for my high school friends for an upcoming get together. I wanted used some old dresses, which had no use, and also some fabrics from my stash. I took a good look to all my jeans. Yes, this time I found few of good old jeans which must be discarded from my closet. I was so delighted to take them out from my closet. I felt delighted not for buying new ones, but cutting them to make bags. *smile*

I cut out every inch  of them very carefully, and made a lot of purses. After making the purses, I wanted to make the dream bag, which I saw in Pinterests. However, I didn't have any jeans pants. This time I went to Mr. Man to find out any old jeans. He, didn't want to discard any of them. I took 2 pants, I told him they were more wearable condition. After much persuasion, he agreed to discard them. I was overjoyed. Am I not a crazy person? 

I made that very. After seeing the picture of the bag, two of my friends became so interested , that they requested me to sew that kind of bag for them. I was delighted to sew for them. Here is the pictures of the bags.