Tuesday, August 23, 2016

I'm back

Yes! My last post was in some time July. Don’t think I was hibernating. I was very much awake and desperately wanted to post in my blog. But, Alas!! I couldn’t. There was serious reason behind it. 
Before I tell the reason, let me tell about something else. I went on a month long vacation. First we went on London trip. Yes, I’m eagerly want to share my experience about a different country, but I cannot do that,because I yet to write it down. However, in near future I’ll tell you the whole story of my 6 days trip in southwest of England, and London. First, we went to southwest of England in Stonehenge, Salisbury, Oxford, and Bibury Village. Next, for two days we travel around London and Greenwich. From there we went to India to meet out relatives, and stayed there for 3 weeks. So, I spent the entire month of July some where away from my home. I uploaded some of my post before leaving, so, I could publish them during my vacation time.
Munch some cookie and read my story :)

My plan was to upload minimum five to six posts, which were long pending, so, I could upload them any time from any where. With this grate plan I started editing all the post during the last week of June. That was the big mistake I committed. I would rather say one of the mistakes. I should finish editing before the summer vacation started. I was very sluggish in that matter, and wouldn’t able to do, what I wanted. Anyway, just one week before we were going on vacation, I sat with my laptop and stared doing my job. My kiddie was at home, and he wanted all my attention. I tried to divert his attention , but I failed to do that. On the top of that, I stopped him watching TV. So, I was the last person to entertain him day and night. 
Morning freshness

Amid the chaos I sat with my laptop, and a cup steaming hot tea to edit my writings. Whenever I sit writing I need a cup of tea or coffee. On that day there was no exception. My kiddie came and sat beside me. He started chattering non-stop. How much  told him to go and play, he was not ready to listen to me. He was determined to tell me the adventures of “Tintin”.  With all his chattering I didn’t really pay attention to the cup. I was very much engrossed in my writing, and listening to him. I tried to grab the cup, but somehow I wrongly touched the cup, and it tipped on my laptop spilling tea all over it. Within moment my laptop stopped, just stopped. The screen went black. I search frantically in my mobile, how to fix it. Whatever, solution I found, I tried them without any success. 
In the evening when Mr. Man came back from office I spilled the bean. My dear Mr. Man is very, very cool person, and rarely gets angry. He rather joked with it, and pull my leg. Before, I broke the screen of my iPhone twice. Now, I spilled tea on my Apple MacBook. He jokingly asked me what problem I had with Apple products. Anyway, this happened just two days before our departure. We couldn’t find any way to fix. So, I was out of touch with my laptop for more than one month. After coming back, Mr. Man found out a company who could fix it. After almost two months I got my laptop back. Now onwards, tea or coffee , and laptop would never come together in my hand.