Thursday, April 14, 2016

Diablo park hiking

Hiking is becoming an addiction to us. Currently we are trying to go hiking almost every weekend. If our teammate cannot come with us, we three try to go. We are trying to increase our stamina and in future we have plan to go on difficult trails, not on the easy to moderate ones.

 So, one Saturday morning we decided to go to Diablo Mountain. Mr Senior and Mr. Junior  had been there before. This time we three went there. Actually, our teammates prefer to come on Sundays. On the top of that we had another hiking on the next day. So, we didn’t ask them to come with us. 

Diablo Mountain was not very far from our home. Moreover, still the air was nice and crisp, and the weather was cool. We decided to reach the trail head around 10:30 in the morning. The hiking was easy, it was not going to take much time. After hiking to mission Peak, I was very confident to take any strenuous trail. 

When we reached the trail head, the mountain was very much deserted, only few cars were parked there. Moreover, the gate at the trailhead was closed. Mr. Man also forgot that whether the gate usually kept closed or not. I was thinking whether we should go or not. There was a small opening beside the gate. My son started going in and out through the small opening. However, it was not possible for me to go through that opening. I had been thinking what to do, until my husband pushed the side gate, which we almost overlooked .

Anyway, we started walking on the trail with rolling thick grass over all the sides. Thanks to the few spell of shower, which had made all the mountain green with thick lush grass. The elevation of the trail was not so high. The path was very wide compare to other trails. Actually, walking on that kind of trail was as easy as walking on plane road. But, condition of the trail, made hiking extremely difficult. During the rain, the cows trotted on the  lose mud of the trail keeping behind deep hole with their footprints. Those deep holes made walking very tough. It was difficult to keep the total foot any where.  We almost walked on our toes. From the wide mud road, the trail became very narrow, so that only one person could walk at a time. The hiking was very easy, no danger, nothing, rather it was almost uneventful. However, the weather was magnificent. With cerulean blue sky with soft razzing sun, and the lush green grass made the environment so welcoming. The cows grazing on the grass, was very oblivious about the sudden disturbance created by people. The number of people were very negligible, may be, they didn’t bother. While walking we could hear the sound of water, but couldn’t figure out from where it was coming. Our hiking suddenly stopped by a little stream on the trail. The stream might be created by the rain few days ago. Mr. Man helped my son and me to cross the stream. Again we started walking on the trail. Then again we could heard the sound of water. Then suddenly we discovered water was flowing in full force by the side of the trail. We imagined a very serene trail with bright sky above, and below green bass , and few more greener big trees which was going to give us a charming experience almost at the end of our hiking. To our dismay, we found that the stream totally consumed the trail, and there was no ways left to proceed. So, again we came back all the way to the trail head on the same path.