Sunday, November 22, 2015

Is crocheting my new obsession?

Suddenly one day my son requested me to make a hat for him out of yarn. I causally told him that I would do that. I fought that he would forget about my promise, and I would skip that. However, my little one usually doesn’t forget anything. After some days he again reminded me about my promise. Again I casually promised him, hoping that he would forget. But, nothing such had happened. Few days later again he remind me. Then I understood, he is not the person who would just let it go. I reluctantly looking for a suitable yarn to make a hat in my yarn box.  I asked him whether he would like blue. Anyway, I started crocheting the hat, he told me the hat would be too small for his head. So, I made the hat bigger, but the hat became so big, that he best fitted on his dad’s head. I asked him to give the hat to dad, and I would make another one for him. He happily agreed with that. Actually, at that I was already got addicted to crocheting. After making my son’s hat, I wanted to crochet more. I showed those hats to one of my friends. She desperate wanted a hat made by me. After making her hat I just couldn’t stop me. I started making things one after another. Here is the result of my new addiction in past fifteen days. 

Scarf for my friend

The three hats I made

Poncho for me

Infine scarf for me.

And many more to come. :)