Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Christmas week, 2015

“Mom , what can I do now?” That is the most intimidating question. Yes, till now I cannot give a satisfactory answer to this question. I was imagining all the lovely times of the Holiday break. I had been imagining of waking up late in the morning, sipping a cup hot coffee while reading a book, or baking some cake.

Cake for friend
The last craft I made in this winter

 However, on the morning of the very first day of the break , when I heard this question, I came back to reality. I had to keep those things aside. My little one was at home. Anyway, thing didn’t start on not that much bad note. On monday mom and son had a lunch invitation. His best friend’s mom asked us to have lunch with them at their home. So, the whole afternoon the children as well as the moms had a very good time. Again Tuesday he has a play-date. To my grate relief I got a little time for me. Though I didn’t relax, but I could finish all my works uninterruptedly.

Soup tastes extra delicious in freezing cold

 Thursday was an exciting day, apart from Christmas Eve, next day we were going to Los Angeles. Almost every year we try to go to LA. We have a very enchanting memory there. Eight years back, when for the first time I stepped in the USA I actually landed in LA . I started me new life there. I got very many friends there. Actually many of my husband’s colleagues used to live with their families in a same apartment complex of ours. Very easily I got many friends. So, after coming in the USA with my husband where none our family members live, we never felt, out in the nowhere. Though, none of the families live in the same apartment complex anymore, still I’ve one good friend , P, who lives in LA. Just to meet her we usually go there. Anyway, since the beginning of 2015, we couldn’t make a single LA trip , as every time something came when we made a plan. First, my husband told that we would make a trip to LA during summer, so that, our son could enjoy some time in Legoland theme park. However, we couldn’t make that. Again, we made a plan in November, but that also didn’t materialize. Lastly we made plan to go to LA during Holidays in December. That plan was also about to be abandoned, but we change a little bit in the plan and went to LA.
On 24th night, my son almost didn’t slip. He went to bed at 10 o’clock  in the night, but stayed awake for a while. He was too excited to fall asleep. He was terribly doubtful, that Santa was not going to give him any present, as he was not good through out the year. Though, his mama told him to stay good, but most of the time he failed to listen to his mama. Anyway, on 25th early morning he woke up and ran into living room. 

Santa gave two gifts!!!! But just tasted the cookies and sipped a little milk. My son refused to eat the rest of of the cookies. As santa gave bites, that means there were germs from Santa's mouth in the cookies!!!!!

To his great astonishment, he got two presents from Santa. Santa gave him presents, but spoiled our morning slumber. However, I wouldn’t blame him totally. That was good one way , as we had to drive all the way to LA from home. It was an almost seven hours journey. The journey was not at all exciting to us. We always drive on the same freeway, with vast barren desert land on the both side of the road. Some times there were dry mountains with scattered thorny bush, and different size pebbles. Otherwise, the journey was very monotonous until we reached Tejon Pass. 

Snow covered Tejon pass

From distant we could see the snow capped high mountains. The soft  mellow yellow sunlight fell on the snow made the mountain more brighter than ever. On the top, the white fluffy clouds populated the cerulean blue sky. While climbing up the mountain by car, suddenly we felt that the cars had been moving slower than the normal speed.Moreover, many cars stopped by the side of the road. I thought of the worst. My nightmare turned into a broad smile when I saw the heap of snow on the road side, and the playful group of people. Actually cars were slowing down to either see the others play, or to play there.

Anyway, first we went to one of my husband’s friend’s place that night. The evening was simply awesome. We chatted upto late night, and have some delicious food made his wife. Next day, in the morning I went to Michael’s, the craft store to buy some Christmas decors and craft items, which were available on heavy discount. However, I went let, so, I couldn’t get much items to buy. Anyway, in the evening, I went to my friends place. It was a much needed meeting. Our stomach was full with so many things to talk about. 
The days flew by in a blink. On 28th morning we started our journey back home. While coming , again near the Tejon pass, the weather changed suddenly. It became very foggy. The clouds almost came down on the road. We felt a little uneasy. However, the experience was very pleasant. All of a sudden I saw tiny little rain drops. Few moments later the drops turned into tiny snow droplets. Then snow started pouring like fluffy tiny cotton balls along with gusty winds. The roads became damp and slippery. The traffic became slow. 

Experienced the snow fall

We moved slowly until we came down from the mountain. As we reached the plain land, then snow converted into raindrops again. As we drove forward the rain started diminishing, and eventually stopped. We drove through the plain barren  desert land again towards home. The sun started dimishing on the West, radiating pale red light in sky. 
We reached home in the late evening, tired like an owl at day time. 


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Hi Krishna, love your snow views. Happy New Year!

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Very exciting travel. Beautiful images.

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