Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Before the Christmas break,2015

I’m getting too much lazy. Yes, it is true, I’m getting lazy. No, no, not in household works, but, I’m  getting slothful writing in my own blog. Since, the beginning of December, every day I’m thinking that I’ll write about the tidbits of every week. I generally don’t write the tidbits, as there is nothing to share with you friends.

Elf on shelf

 However, the month December is alway very different to me. I usually decorate my home. I try to keep a festive spirit through out the month. I cook different food instead of our regular meals. We usually watch holiday movies, with some hot  beverages. During this time almost every week I make eggnog, which my son loves a lot. So, this year I’m doing the same. 

After spending a really lazy rain-drenched weekend, from Monday I tried to make the things happen in order. It was the last week of school before Christmas break. The week started in normal pace. I was thinking of baking of fruitcake since the beginning of December, and Mr. Man had been asking for fruitcake for years. 

The unfinished snowman

I was only pushing it back with some excuses. At last Tuesday evening I decided to bake it. When I went to soak the dry fruits in rum, I found no rum in my kitchen. When I asked Mr. Man went to market with double enthusiasm to buy rum. Next morning I decided to cook for at least two days.

Dinning table center piece

So that I could have some rest on Thursday. All of a sudden I remembered that I had morning coffee invitation to my dear friend’s home. I was amid several ongoing cooking in my kitchen, with pile of utensils in the sink to be done. Also, I was teaching my so before sending to school. It was perfect chaos in my home. Thankfully Mr. Man was at home at that time. I quickly make chocolate chip cake batter, and put it the oven. I asked Him to take care of he cake while I went to drop my son to school. When I meet friend in the school, whose son is my son’s classmate, she was in a very bad condition with her soar throat. The poor lady couldn’t even speak a single word. So, we cancel our coffee and chat time. I rushed back home for the cake. To my great relief the cake was in perfect shape, as He switched off the oven. The first cake was done. To make my plan successful, I zoomed into the kitchen . I started cooking one after another. In the mean time I found a bowl full of carrot fiber which I saved from previous day’s juice. I had been pondering over the fiber, before I decided to bake a carrot cake. I wanted to finish everything within 12:00 in the noon. However, with five types food, three cakes, and cleaning the whole house I ended up finishing everything at 1:00. 

Wednesdays cooking!!!!
The mess during the action
After every thing is done. At 1:00

At one o’clock everything was done. My home including my precious kitchen looked awesomely neat and clean. Though, I made three cakes, next my question was , what should I do all of them. The fruit cake was for family. What should I do with the other cakes. Then I texted my friend, that I would give the cake, which I baked for her in the morning. 
Anyway, after planning everything, I rushed to school to pick up my son. I call afternoon time is my second innings. So, in second innings I picked up my son from school, and rushed back home. While coming home again I had to go to market to buy some gifts for one of his teachers. After coming home from there, was my third innings. After making some food for my son, I sat down to make gift and holiday card for his teacher, what he was going to give his teacher on Thursday. 

Ready to be packed for teacher

Handmade card for teacher 

He wrote the greetings for his teacher

I thought I would transfer the teaching job to Mr. Man, so that I could make the gift without interruption. However, I found that the arrangement had been not working well. Before, trouble started broiling between son and dad I called my son to me and started doing both job simultaneously. I ended up doing everything, from teaching to cleaning dishes after dinner I finished everything by 10:00 at night. In hope of keeping the Thursday almost free ( A mom cannot be totally free!!!) I did all those jobs. Should I get a big hand, huh?
Thursday morning I got a pack full of cookies from one of my good friends. That was nice and delicious stuff to get in the morning totally unexpectedly. That made me feel happy for the whole day. 

Morning holiday gifts from my friend

Cookies from my neighbor

Friday was another hectic day. Again since morning, I baked cakes for friends, I cooked for whole weekend. Then I got a message from my son’s dentist. Oh!! He had an appointment just after school!!! On the top of that I had volunteer duty in the Holiday party at my son’s class. I managed to do everything from cooking, cleaning, decking up for the party within 2:00 in the afternoon, and rushed to school to volunteer. From there I rushed to dentist’s clinic. The appointment was at 3:30 and I was in the school unto 3:10. 

Holiday party cookie decorating activities and snacks

When I got the clear road to drive my car smoothly the clock  was ticking rapidly. Somehow I managed to reach on time. Again, on the third innings, I did everything from teaching to cleaning. At least, I could hope that, from next week I was going to get rest. 


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, Merry Christmas to you and family.
Your craft work look cute and pretty. You're very creative, I especially love the mini train.
Your food and cookies look delicious and delightful. Thanks for sharing.

Best regards,

Nancy Chan said...

The Christmas decorations are cute and you have good and friendly neighbours to bless you with all those yummy cookies. Merry Christmas!

krishna said...

Thanks a ton Amelia,
Merry Christmas to you n your family..

krishna said...

Thanks a ton Nancy. Wish you a Merry Christmas..

beena stephen said...

Merry Christmas dear. Lovely decoration delicious cookies

Rajesh said...

Beautiful preparations for Christmas. Merry Christmas

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