Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Visit to Widmer-world , The Christmas fantasy

The other day I found out about this exotic Christmas Lighting from my dear friend. After visiting the place , she came to me with a great excitement , and gave me an elaborate description of that fantasy world. This year my new found happiness is watching the Christmas lighting. On that very evening I told my husband about the theme park and asked him to go there . He readily agreed with me, and in the evening we went there.
It was small house at the end of a cal-de-sac.  All the houses on that cal-de-sac were much bigger than that house. But in Christmas lighting that very house just out-staged the others. 

The Widmer couple stared decorating from the 80s and their decorations started growing year by year towards a mini theme park, which also made a news in the local newspaper.


Apart from the normal lighting the mini theme park included miniature version of houses, carousels, giant wheel , houses, fairground, all the fantasy characters and many more. I heard that they usually take four months to set up the park, and four months to disassemble everything. They converted the spa into a beautiful mini village.  Their grand-kids’ play house was turned into a candy shop. The Gazebo was converted into Santa’s workshop.   Mrs. Claus, Train Town, Disney, Rein-Deer, Penguins and Kinex,  all have places of their own.  They had their own designers ,who painstakingly designed to make a unique fantasy world of the season.

Merry Christmas to my readers!!!


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, Merry Christmas to you and family. Hope you have a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful and cute pictures.

Warmest regards

Rajesh said...

Beautiful.decorations. Merry Christmas.

krishna said...

Thank you Amelia

krishna said...

Thank you..

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