Friday, December 12, 2014

Holiday month begins

First week of december was pretty hectic. Actually, it was usual like any other uneventful weeks. However, I made it hectic. You can ask me, how can it be possible to make it hectic, when there was no scheduled work?  Here is the story.

In that week, my husband was away from home, through the whole week. I didn’t have as such work. Frankly speaking, I literally stopped cooking. I’m not a foodie. My son is a very picky eater. He eats very little. So there was nothing to cook. The whole time I devoted in making all Christmas decorations. The weekend before my husband left , we went to Wal Mart to buy the Christmas light. While shopping at Wal Mart I thought of making a Christmas wreath, and I bought few items for that. On Monday, after sending my son to school I sat down with the materials to make a wreath. As all the things were available, I made the wreath within 10 minutes. This made very dissatisfied me. I thought it would take long time. Suddenly I felt like doing some more crafts. Since Monday I couldn’t stop my myself making holiday crafts. One after another I was making. Nothing couldn’t satisfy me.

The Christmas tree is up 

 As finished something, I started doing another. I made a plan to decked my home in holiday flavor. I stopped cooking, I stopped cleaning my home. My home was in total mess, but I couldn’t refrain myself. I couldn’t come back to normal course of work. Then I stopped thinking about household chores. I decided to finish all the crafts, until I could satisfy myself. Even I stopped teaching my son. Really I didn’t feel like teaching him. It really needs hard work and fare amount of concentration to teach a little one. My mind was too preoccupied to do any other things. I almost finished 15 crafts. 

Still I was not satisfied. It was just like an addiction. It overpowered me in such a way that I stopped thinking beyond holiday crafts. But my hard work paid. Now my home is looking very colorful and vibrant. I’m very much satisfied. Now I can go back to my normal routine.

I've decided to cook especial dish on every night during this month


  1. Holiday season begins everywhere. That ia beautiful Christmas tree.

    1. It is indeed so satisfying to see the house look good and colourful more so if it is your own effort in making the art objects

    2. Thanks a lot Radha for your inspiring comment.

  2. I love the Christmas spirit in the photos! How creative you are to make all those handmade Christmas ornaments!