Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas lights

In our neighborhood all most all the families decorated their home for the Holiday season. The whole neighborhood has come into a new life. Sometimes in the late evening , we take drive in the neighboring areas to see the decorations. It is indeed an exciting thing to see. It really makes me very happy.  Anyway, the other day while I was talking with my friend, she told me about the grand Christmas lighting in the neighboring town. I came home , and told my husband about that. He immediately searched on Internet and found some addresses. On the very evening we went to see the Christmas lighting. Unlike our neighborhood, the place was quite dark, not many houses were decked up for the season. When we were going to the first house to see, I couldn’t understand where my husband was planning to take us. It was narrow, dark, and bumpy  road, the houses were almost dark. It seemed that, nobody was there in any of those houses. We were driving , and driving, and I thought my husband lost the road. However, he was confident that , he was driving on the right direction. Suddenly , in the dark, one huge house came in front of our eyes, fully decked up for the season. That was a stunning beauty. In the mid of darkness, the decorations with lights was really stunning.

 Next we went to see another house. Truly, we were so impressed with the first one, the second was nothing to us. I think ,if we had seen the house first, then we would have found it beautiful. Anyway, then we went to third house. Again, my husband  started driving through dark roads, and again I felt skeptical. But after driving about 15 minutes we came in front of a dazzling house. The house was covered by bright yellow light from top to bottom. There was empty no space, and many figurines they put to entertain the children. There were plenty of helicopters, and trains. Even the propellers of the helicopters were moving. My son was so excited , he didn’t want to move from there. It was extremely amazing. I felt like , it was not on earth. 

While coming back we just stopped in front of another house. 

That was not so dazzling, but the decorations was so neat and fettle that you cannot avoid to stop by and watch.

Lastly, I shouldn't forget to mention this above house. This is one of the house neighborhood, with amazing lights and Figurines. 

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