Thursday, September 4, 2014

White egg curry

My son only like eat eggs, but in different forms I’ve to cook different kinds of egg curry everyday, to eat with rice. It is real difficult job to me. It is impossible to find out new recipes everyday. I try to twist in the same curry, just adding a new spice, or not adding the usual spices in the curry. Though I barely able to feed him the curry everyday, but this curry he loves a lot. I didn’t use much spices in this curry. And this curry is little sweet. So, the chili lovers can add as chili as they want to add in this curry. The main spice in the curry is “Char magaj” or watermelon seeds. You can find this spice in any Indian grocery store. 

Four eggs
One fourth cup finely chopped onion
One small tomato
One and hall tbsp. of watermelon seeds
Salt to taste
One fourth tsp. fenugreek seeds
One tbsp. oil
Boil the eggs. Let them cool down. Peel the eggs and keep aside. Make a fine paste of watermelon seeds. Finely chop the tomato. Heat oil in a wok under medium heat. Add fenugreek seeds into oil. When you can smell the fine aroma of fenugreek seeds, add the chopped onion and tomato. Fry until onion and tomato mix well together into a fine paste, covering the wok, and stirring occasionally. then add the watermelon seed paste. stir a little and add one and half cup water. add the egg and bring to boil. cover the wok and let it cook. after sometime open the cover give a stir to curry and boil it until the desired consistency of the gravy is reached. server hot with roti or rice.

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