Sunday, June 29, 2014

A bit of happiness

The happiness is where your home is. After a long day when you just want to escape in the place where you can just relax your body and mind. I also tried, rather still trying to create such an escape in my home. What I'm doing is just trying to decorate every corner of my home one by one. As I love to decorate with my own creation (which also saves a lots of money :) ), so, it is taking a lots of time to do. Anyway, not all the things here are created by me. Some of the collectibles I've bought, which I wanted to buy for a long time,like the doll.Some of them are gift. The black flower was made by one of my friends. However, I couldn't find that anywhere. Surprisingly, when I went to Vegas, I saw that in a shop , and it was not very expensive. I couldn't resist me to buy that. It was in my mind for long time that I would put three different sized candle stands. When I found  I didn't buy, because I didn't want spend money. However, few days later, when I told about my wish, my husband encouraged me to buy them . So, I went back to Ross, but the same pieces I saw there, were no more. Anyway, I improvised with these three pieces.

This tree stand I also found in Ross, and it so enchanting, I couldn't resist it to buy.  Actually it is a indoor plant stand. However, I didn't want to keep any live indoor plant. If you ask me why? I can give you any satisfactory answer. From the beginning I wanted to keep some artificial plant.  I took lots of time to buy them. Actually any time I could all beautiful ones from Michales, or Jo Ann or from any craft store. I didn't buy them. First I tried to keep something else, but nothing looked good on it. Then One day I went to Michales, just to check. Luckily I got some of them in a high discount. At last, my plant stand is looking good. 

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Rajesh said...

Beautifully and artistically decorated.

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