Thursday, January 23, 2014

My craft shelf

I had a dream for a long time that I would make an art studio for me. However, I’m not a professional, so, what I will do with that? Anyway, previously, in my one room apartment I had no option to create a studio, even a miniature one. I used to dump my entire craft items in the closet. After shifting in our new home, I decided to create at least a corner for me. My desire was fulfilled when I found there one in-built shelf on the wall. The position of it is also perfect. It is on the hallway. One can see the shelf from living room and dining room. So, I chose that shelf. However, keeping the shoeboxes as it were didn’t look good. Here I should mention one thing, I’m a very frugal person. So, I don’t want buy all the beautiful storage boxes for only one reason. They are quite expensive to me. Then, one thing I could do. I could decorate all the shoeboxes and cartons. I did that. One by one I decorated them, and positioned them in the shelf. Now I really feel happy when I see my craft shelf. Here is the picture. *smiles* 


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