Sunday, January 26, 2014

Chip board charger holder

I got this shaped chip board piece from a carton containing a crockery set. So, if any time you find a chip board of some kind of shape, which you can give a shape of bowl, keep it. I did that. I had been thing to use that piece before I got an idea to give a shape of a bowl, which can contain all our chargers.

Here I’ve shown you the process how I gave the shape of the bowl.

1. The picture one is showing the original shape of the board. 
2. Take some thin wrapping paper and cover one side of the board. This is going to be the inside of the bowl.
3. This picture is showing the outside of the bowl.
4. Cut small and this strip of the same wrapping paper and join the four open side of the board. This will give the board in the shape of a bowl.
Take a craft paper and cut it into same shape of the board. Paste the paper on the outside of the bowl. the container is ready to use.

The final product

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