Monday, November 18, 2013

It is fall

Days are already getting shorter day by day. Weather is getting colder day by day. Fall has already set her foot. We also have started facing difficulty to get up early in the morning. The dark outside is really unwelcome to get up in the morning. Sometimes I feel that the morning dark is saying to me, “Go back to bed”. However, daily course of works don’t want to wait. So, getting up early, cooking, teaching son, taking him to school, cleaning house, laundering , all of them go in their own pace. I’ve to run with them. We wait until afternoon to see the face of the sun, though he doesn’t stay for long. Like every year as the fall starts as usual I start feeling very lethargic from afternoon. 

The trees start wearing the vibrant color on their leaves. On the West coast though we can’t experience the same vibrancy of color like east coast, still what we can see here is not less enjoyable. Now we are waiting to see the fall color on the tree on our front yard. Every day I check whether any of the leaves gets color. Anyway, the fall means the starting of festive time. The festivity is already in air. The front doors already have worn the wreaths. The pumpkins are already on the porch.

 This is the time to sit back on the sofa and enjoy the time. No more activity, just sitting idle, and sipping a cup of tea or coffee. As I’m more tea person than a coffee, I love to enjoy tea every time. Of course this is the time for pumpkin. So, the stores are packed with pumpkins, pumpkin pulps, and different kind of pumpkin cake mix. It is time to bake pumpkin cake, cookies, pies, and many more. My kitchen is also full with pulps and mixes. And I’m also baking cookies and I’ll bake many more. 

Our visit to pumpkin patch
The teacher asked us to reach school within 8:30 in the morning. However, my son took a long time to get up from his bed. After much persuasion he finished his breakfast. We were already late. I didn’t even get time to deck up, which I had been thinking to do for long time. I was pissed off, but nothing I could do. Anyway, we rushed to school. My hubby was with us. He took our son to class to do all the formalities, while I remained seated in the car. 

Anyway, after that we started for the farm. As soon as we reached there the children became too excited to stay in one place. The teacher took all the snacks from the children and kept them in a wagon. The teacher and I found a place to put the wagon, where it was easy for us to remember. Then we went to much awaited hey-ride. In the tractor the seats were made of hey, where we sit to take a look around the field. The hay ride was really exciting through thick green corn field. Along with the children we enjoyed that a lot.
After the trip we came back home with a pumpkin, a corn, and a funny gourd. The children were asked to pick a gourd, and a corn of their own choice. My son chose one of the smallest gourds. When I asked him the reason, he told me that, because that looked like a chicken leg!!! The pumpkin he bought from patch is now sting on our porch in the form of Jack-o-lantern.

Now Halloween is already over. Thanksgiving celebration is knocking the door. So, there must be a pumpkin -bread on the table. The maple in our front yard is looking awesome with red and yellow colors. It looks like that the leaves are under flame and the flame is going upwards in the sky. The weather is getting colder. My son and I are facing difficulty in the morning to walking to school due to cold. However, we are managing it. Only few days are left to have all pumpkin dishes. Then it’ll be Christmas. Before the pumpkin time comes to an end I’m giving the recipe of pumpkin bread here.
Recipe for pumpkin bread:
Three cups bread flour
Two cup sugar
One tsp. ginger powder
One tsp. nutmeg powder
One tsp. cinnamon powder
Two tsp. baking powder
One tsp. baking soda
Four eggs
Half cup milk
Half cup butter (melted)
One fourth cup raisins
One fourth cup dried cranberry
One fourth cup broken cashew
One fourth cup mini chocolate chip
Pre-heat the oven at 350 degree F. Sift all the dry ingredients in a big bowl. Keep it aside. In another big bowl, add milk, egg, butter, and sugar. Whip the mixture with an electric cake mixer, until it is fluffy. Then add the mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well in a fine batter. Then, add the raisins, cashew, cranberry, and chocolate chips to the batter. Mix well with ladle. Sprinkle oil in a bundt or a 9” baking pan. Bake for 40 minutes or a fork inserted comes out clean.


Hindustanka said...

Indeed, feeling sleepy, and not feeling like getting of the house, just sitting in my soft blanket and crocheting, or reading will be best thing ever at this time of the year.
Your pumpkin bread looks delicious!

krishna said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Anna.. I'm also feeling the same..

Anupama.R.V said...

Very well written post :)

Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, great posting, love the autumn trees. Your pumpkin bread look good, very well baked.
Happy baking/cooking!

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