Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blueberry cake

The other day we went to a road side fruit shop. Every time, while coming back from Costco, we see that store. My husband and I always discuss to go there to buy some fruits. At last this time we made ourselves to move from the house to go there. I really found the store very encouraging. After long, long time I bought a pineapple. Anyway, I was so excited that I bought various kinds of fruits, like plum, pineapple, pear, papaya, and many more. After all I’m a fruit lover. In my childhood, rather I would say, when I used to live with my parents, my father had a strict rule, which everyone in the family had to eat fruits in the afternoon. Though I was very much habituated with that system, sometimes I wanted to just break from it to having some lip smacking items. However, how much that was good habit I understood later. 


Anyway, in the mean time the little one could see the blue berry packets. I didn’t want to take, because I knew that, he was not going to have them. However, he was so tenacious, that I couldn’t resist him. I also didn’t put much effort to resist. After all that was a fruit, I could eat them any time, if nobody wanted to eat. When I asked him whether he would to eat blueberry, he promptly agreed, and told me that the berries were very delicious, and he ate for one day only, and after that he didn’t want to eat. I didn’t like the tanginess of the berries, but I had to finish them fast, and I didn’t want to get them spoiled. Anyway, first I thought to make muffins, but, then I remembered that, my friend posted a delicious recipe of blueberry cake in her blog. So, I decided to bake that. I would like to thanks her ton for posting such scrumptious recipe.

 A Big thank to Color and spices to share such a delicious recipe.


  1. its a dream to cook with fresh blueberries. wonderful recipe

  2. Bluberry in cake is always such a nice and fresh trick :) great recipe. MY first time here...
    Why dnt u participate in my event and 2 giveaways:)

    1. thanks for visiting my blog...i always follow your blog.. sure i'll participate in that event