Monday, August 5, 2013

Rasgulla curry

Few days ago I bought one gallon of milk from a superstore, but the milk didn’t taste good. I didn’t like to drink that detested milk. I was totally clueless to do with one gallon of milk. I didn’t want to make any kind of sweet, I knew that it was not going to taste good. Then I remembered that once my friend J, who is an amazing cook, posted a picture of “rasgulla curry” in Facebook. I searched in her account and found out the photo. My sweet friend also posted the recipe there. She comprehended in such a nice way, I found that was very easy to make. Here I’m giving her recipe here.


For rasgulla:

One gallon full cream milk

One cup Sugar

Enough lemon juice to curdle the milk (I used two big lemons)

A big bowl of cold water

For gravy:

One cup canned peeled tomato ( I used raw tomato. I made a paste after boiling them in little water)

One big onion

One tbsp ginger paste

One tbsp garlic paste

Cashew nut

Two-three green chili

Coriander leaves

Half  tsp. Shahi jeera (white cumin seeds)

Pinch of turmeric powder

One fourth tsp. red chili powder

One tbsp. Kasoori methi

One fourth cup fresh cream

Three tsp. sugar

Salt to taste

Four tbsp Ghee ( I used olive oil)



Keep the milk out or refrigerator to bring it up in room temperature, otherwise while boiling the milk; otherwise it’ll scorch on the bottom. Put the milk in a big saucepan over medium heat. When the milk starts boiling squeeze the two lemons into it. (Though I squeezed the lemon pieces, I was unable to make it curdle. Getting frustrated I put the pieces of lemons into the milk, and then it curdled. How funny!! ) take out the cottage cheese from the whey. Tie it in a muslin cloth and hang it from somewhere to shed the whey for 5-7 minutes. Don’t shed much of the whey; otherwise the rasgullas will be hard. Then put the cheese in some plain place, and knead until it becomes a smooth paste. Make small balls out of the cheese lump. Don’t make big balls, because the balls will swell up when you put them into boiling water. Add few cups of water and one cup sugar in the pressure cooker. When the water starts boiling add few of the cheese balls. Don’t add many one at a time, because in the course of time they will swell up and they won’t get room to expand inside the pressure cooker. You can put the cheese balls according to the size of your pressure cooker. I could put maximum six balls one at a time in my pressure cooker. In the first whistle blow, keep the pressure cooker on medium flame until two more whistles. Soon stop the stove and put the cooker under running cold water to release the pressure. Then open the lid and slowly take out the rasgullas from the cooker and put them in a big bowl of cold water. 



 Take a heavy bottomed wok, add canned peeled tomato, cubed onion, ginger paste, garlic paste, one cup cashew nuts, coriander leaves, and one cup water. Bring the mixture into boil. When tomato will be totally cooked, put off the stove. Make a fine paste of the mixture.

In a wok over medium-high heat, heat ghee (or oil). Add cumin seeds into it. When cumin seeds start to crackle, add turmeric powder and red chili powder. Stir for a minute, and add the already prepared paste. Stir the gravy continuously. As the gravy is very thick, it will spatter a lot, so be careful. Add one-two cups of water (you can add more water, according to you desired consistency). Add salt and sugar into it. Slightly squeeze out water from the rasgullas and add into the gravy. When the gravy starts thickening, add fresh cream and kasoori methi. Switch off the gas. Serve hot with roti or paratha.


Rajesh said...

Never heard about this before.

linsy patel said...

nice twist

Suchi B said...

Good one! will definitely try...

Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, very flavorful curry. Thanks for sharing the interesting recipe.


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