Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cabbage cup cake

Before forgetting the recipe I should write it down. Yes, this happens with me many times. I cook something, according to someone’s recipe or mine, and eventually I forget the recipe. Long back, I think in the year of 2008, while I was watching TV; I came to know a very interesting chicken recipe. I cooked that 2-3 times, and after that for some reason I stopped cooking that. Eventually I totally forgot the recipe and even the name of it. Now, even I want to find the recipe on the Internet, it is not possible for me to do that. Another time, similar things happened with my sister. One day she cooked a delicious capsicum curry. After that both of totally forgot the recipe, and we couldn’t able to cook the same dish after. Another time I found out an interesting recipe of rice flour cake, and I tried that. The cake turned out very soft and fluffy, but I again I made the same mistake. I neither wrote down the recipe nor did I bookmark the page. Few days ago when one of my friends asked me to give her the recipe, I couldn’t find it out. All those little incidents made me wise. Now onwards I’ll write down all the recipes. My latest interest is to making recipe journal. Although I publish me recipes with some journaling, but now I’ll do in pen and paper also. Anyway, this is the time stop jabbering and writing down the recipe of cabbage cup cake.



One cup grated cabbage

Half cup all purpose flour

One egg

One tsp. baking powder

One tsp baking soda

One-fourth cup oil ( I used olive oil)

Salt to taste

A dash of sugar

Black olive ( I used canned black olive. If you use the same, then first add olive into the batter, and check the saltiness. Then add salt.)



To make one cup of grated cabbage, you need one-fourth of a medium sized cabbage. Sift flour in a big bowl. Mix all the dry ingredients first (except salt).  Add the eggs and bit with the mixer. Keep on adding cabbage and olive while mixing. It will form a smooth batter. Check the salt , then add salt according to your taste.  Pour the batter equally in a 6-cups, cup-cake pan. Bake for 20 mins, or a inserted fork comes

out clean. Serve warm with tea or coffee. 


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Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, your cabbage cupcake recipe sound very interesting. It look delicious too and I suppose it's great to go with coffee or tea...

Have a nice day.

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