Thursday, July 25, 2013

"Moments of life" mini album

I started making this mini album long, but I've never finished it. I think in 2011 I saw this beautiful shape in an advertisement of "Fresh and Easy" during Christmas. I thought to using that very in any of my crafts. After much thought I decided to make a mini album.  I made project so big that I could never finish that. Now I'm thinking that I should finish it near future.

I took all used paper and cut out that shape. to make pages of the album.

I pasted decorative papers on both sided to make the final pages.

The pages

Some of the finished pages with pockets and embellishments.

The unfinished album

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Sayantani said...

ki sundor baniecho. darun ideas tomar. etsy te shop khulcho na kyano?

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