Thursday, June 13, 2013

Poolside dinner

Since we moved to our new house, hardly we are getting any time during the weekends. Every weekend we find some works related to our house and we go to Lowes or Home depot, and there is no time to relax a bit.
That weekend was not also an exception. Since Saturday morning we were doing something one after another. Saturday was extremely hot since morning, but nothing could overpower our enthusiasm to chop down one tree to give that a good shape. That was another experience. My hubby, who loves to stay in the bed late during weekend, he also sprang out of the bed with great enthusiasm to clear our backyard. First time in life he chopped down a ten feet tree. I didn’t know the name of the tree, but it was causing discomfort to us, and it was the high time to trim it down to give a clear look of our backyard. My little son and I were his assistants. Though the little one was disturbing rather helping, still I wanted to call him as a helper, because, he wanted to help us wholeheartedly. It was a long and tiring job. There was no time to resting.
An abandoned bird's nest. We we found it while chopping down the tree.

 In the afternoon we went to Lowes to buy some stuff. I had a plan to making samosa for evening snacks, but when we came home it was already 8 o’clock. So, the evening was already over. It was almost the time for dinner. But I was desperate to make samosas. I asked my hubby whether he wanted to have an early dinner. When he agreed with me, I made samosas as starter and stuffed parathas and chicken for main course. It was still hot at night. My hubby asked why we didn’t have dinner at the pool-side. 
That idea sounded very good. In this area, it is very rare to get a chance to sit outside after sunset. So, that was a great chance to sit outside and relax while having dinner. Putting some candles and sitting outdoor during dinner time gave us an immense satisfaction. That added an extra flavor to our dinner.  The sweet slightly chill breeze, the twinkling stars, buzzing of different insects created a wonderful ambience, which was truly enjoyable. 

Truly speaking, these small pieces of happiness play a major role in our life. The next morning I felt very light, I was just gliding from one work to another instead of dragging myself.


Hindustanka said...

I a so glad to read about your happy moments. They do play a huge role in our life, they bring happiness and comfort. A pool side dinner sounds wonderful! I like such cozy meal with my husband, when there are only me and him..and our love.
Have a not less happy weekend, Krishna!

kitchen queen said...

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Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, love the bird nest. :)
It's sure sound good to have a pool side dinner with your family. Enjoy your happy moment as often as you can.

Happy blogging.

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