Monday, June 24, 2013

Decorating boxes (1)

When I ran out of tea leaves I asked my hubby to bought Teatly tea-bags. When he asked me why, I gave some other reason. My actual reason of buying that tea was that I wanted the carton. It is such a lovely carton, I wanted to decorate that. After finishing the tea bags, I started decorating, but didn’t know what to put inside. Anyway, now it is serving as storage of all my threads.
Here I’m giving the step by step instruction, to decorate the carton.

All you need:

Card stock
Decorative papers
Some beautiful pictures ( you can use cutouts from different magazines.)

Here is the original box. Isn't it cute?

1. First open the bottom of the box. Cut a piece of card stock little smaller than the size of the bottom. Then glue the half of the card stock with one part of the flap from inside. Then apply glue on the other part of the card stock, close the bottom and stick.  Cut 4 piece of card stock just little smaller of the each side from inside, just like the picture 4.

Cut thin strip of paper according to you choice and stick on the 4 sides of  the box. Cover the bottom with same paper like the picture 4. Cover the lid of the box with different decorative just to make the box vibrant.

Decorate each side of the box differently.

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Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, you're very creative and innovative. It's great to recycle those boxes into something useful. Your this box look cute and sweet.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful idea.

Have a nice week ahead.

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