Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Birdhouse from milk carton

I cannot say that it is my idea to making birdhouse out of milk carton. One day I was searching on the Internet to get some ideas for crafts. At that time I had some milk cartons in my home, and I wanted to upcycle them. I got many ideas to upcycle those milk cartons. The idea of making birdhouse intrigued me the most. However, I was very much preoccupied with other things, so that I couldn’t make that. Later I was too lazy to do that.The carton was there in my craft closet for a long time. Off late, my son started perusing me to making that birdhouse. He wanted desperately a birdhouse, because “Caillou” (a popular cartoon character) has one. I made the birdhouse, but this is only a show piece. To my son’s great disappointment we couldn’t hang that outside.
Here is the tutorial:

Remove the plastic nozzle from the carton.
Cut a according to size of the top of the carton, and give a shape like above. This is going to be the roof of the house.
Cut two triangles from hard papers according to the size of the two sides of the roof. Look the picture, I kept little extra part on two sides of the triangles. Here I used some other boxes to make the triangles.
Fold the two sides of the triangles according to the lines.
Glue the two sides on the sided of the roof. Use a good glue, because it is difficult stick a hard chip borad like this way. I didn't have good glue, that's why I used tapes.
Cover the roof with white paper. Cover the both sides with decorative papers. Cut a big circle on the front of the carton.
Take a circular punch and cut out circles from brown card stocks. You need two A4 size card stocks.
Glued the circles on the broader sides of the roof. Cover the carton with white paper like above.
Decorate it, like the way you want.


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, wow... very beautiful bird house. You're very creative and innovative. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Have a nice day.

Mita Saha said...

nice well as good time pass.

Anonymous said...

good idea.

Carol Power said...

I have nominated you for the liebster award! check out my blog for more details!


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