Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Being born and brought in a normal middle class Bengali family back to India and educated in Bengali medium school I had not much idea about Easter. To me Good Friday means another holiday. Later I never took interest to digging deeper in history of Easter. This time my son was pretty excited about egg hunt in his school. So, I decided to gather some knowledge about Easter.

Easter Bunny
I found that Bible makes no mention about this long ears rabbit like creature, who delivers decorated eggs to well- behaved children. Though the origin of this creature is unclear, but rabbits are an ancient symbol of fertility and new life. However, this Easter Bunny makes a great excitement among children, they believe he is really there, and sometimes they leave carrots in case he got hungry for all his hopping. Some sources said that Easter bunny arrived in America with the Germans in the 1700s.

The small crochet Easter basket made by me


Easter Eggs
Easter is a religious Holiday. To Christians it is reminder that Jesus’ emergence from the tome and resurrection. Decorating eggs is a tradition dates back to 13th century or before. Easter egg hunts and egg rolling are two popular egg-related traditions.

Dinner with Paska, strawberry pie, baked fish , and fried vegetables

Easter Parade
In New York City, Easter Parade has started in the mid-1800s, when upper class of the society stroll around the streets after attending Easter service at the various churches, to showing off the new expensive dresses. The tradition reached a new height after the release of the film Easter Parade. This event has no religious significance.


Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday is a celebration of the resurrection of Christ and ends a 40-day period of fasting and penitence that commemorates Jesus' fasting in the wilderness. Because Easter is the recognition of Jesus' return to life on the third day after his crucifixion about AD 27 to 33, the holiday is the most auspicious celebration for Christians. For Western Christians, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox about March 21. Since the holiday is recognized by the lunar cycles rather than our current calendar, it can fall sometime in March or April. Easter borrows some of its customs from the pre-Christian or pagan era, marking the vernal equinox when day and night are of equal length. Eostre, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring, was also known as the dawn goddess. She was known by other names as well: Ostara, Ishtar, Astarte, and Ashtaroth. Legend holds that the goddess, who was also honored as the goddess of fertility, took an egg-laying hare as her symbol, apropos since rabbits give birth in the spring. (Source:

Paska bread


This year I also decided to have a small celebration at home. I decided to bake strawberry pie and traditional Ukrainian bread. I never cooked ham. I didn’t want to take the risk of cooking that. After coming back from in the evening, I had little time to cook Easter dinner. However, I desperately wanted to bake the paska bread.  This is actually Ukrainian Easter bread. Ukrainians like to place Paska in a basket with decorated eggs and take the arrangement to church on Easter Sunday. Afterward they eat the food as Easter breakfast.  However, I just couldn’t find what else to cook. I asked my hubby, as usual his answer was, “which will be easier to you”. After much thought I decided to make, strawberry pie, baked fish, and fried vegetables. That was a wonderful quiet dinner for just two of us.

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