Friday, April 5, 2013

Corn bread disaster

My son latest craze is corn bread. Past few days he has been pursuing me to bake one corn bread. He always loves to help me in the kitchen, especially during baking cake. However sometimes that ‘help’, helps to disaster. Yesterday, in the morning while he was watching ‘Thomas’, I thought to bake the bread avoiding him. But, this little one could guess something. He just stormed into the kitchen with his very favorite blue stool. He stood near the counter top, ready to help me. There was no chance to get rid of him. Every now and then he asked what he could put in the big bowl. We put one cup corn meal together into the bowl. Then he put flour with the help of me. One by one we put all other ingredients. In the mean time I had to answer numerous questions he darted towards me. Anyway, we made the batter and I put it into the oven. Everything looked good. He happily went back to room to watch ‘Thomas’. Sometimes later I came back to take a look at the bread. I found something wrong with it. The bread was not at all swelling up. What could go wrong? I didn’t find anything. I thought in course of time it would take the shape. However, it was already the time to take it out from the oven, still the bread was flat. I took it out to avoid burning. I tried hard to figure out what went wrong. Then it struck in my head. While I was listening to his prattling I forgot to add baking powder and the bread took a shape of flat bread. Taking a look at the bread my son was not ready at all to have that. I’ve to have that ‘bread’.


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Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, sorry to read your bread did not rise. But it's ok, at least your son enjoyed playing cooking with you in the kitchen. Try again next time, anyway it still look good to me. Can dip in coffee.

Have a nice day.

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