Friday, March 22, 2013

Lunch with turkey loaf

After all day long hustle and bustle at last my son went to bed at 9 o’clock. I was completely exhausted. Just to relax, I casually switched on the television. Very rarely I watch T.V., so I barely know about the programs. I was just reluctantly surfing the channels and I suddenly stopped by the food channel. The chef on that program was frying a meat loaf. Please don’t ask me who was the chef and what program that was, because I don’t know. Anyway, at that moment I decided to make meat leaf on the very next day. Generally beef is used to make meat loaf. I’ve never used beef to make meat loaf. This time I had ground turkey in my kitchen, so I decided to make meat loaf with turkey.  Anyway, next morning my plan was to prepare something different for lunch. However, apart from meat loaf what could I prepare? My husband simply hates mashed potato. So, mashed potato was out of question. I opened my fridge without any clue. I pulled out the vegetable crate and started rummaging over the packets. I pull the bag of bean, carrots and broccoli. So, what was the next plan? I had to make some healthy dish. So, no fried veggies would be served. I separately boiled the veggies and lightly fried them. Ummm!! That was enticing. Would I serve the meat loaf alone? No, no. I made a sauce. I made that sauce before also, so I knew that it was going to taste great. When he came to have lunch, the plate was ready with meat loaf and lightly fired vegetable. He simply loved that.
Meat loaf
one lb ground turkey
one small onion, finely chopped
half capsicum ( green pepper), finely chopped
one tbsp. ginger paste
one egg
salt to taste
bread crumb, enough to make a firm dough
one tbsp. of oil, for frying
oil spray to grease the baking pan

Mix all the ingredients except bread crumb and keep aside for half an hour. Then mix bread crumb to make firm dough. Preheat the oven at 400 degree F. Grease an 11.5" x 8" baking pan. Press down the dough in the pan. Bake for 30-40 minutes until the loaf becomes firm. Take out the loaf. Set the loaf upside down on a baking sheet and continue baking until the total loaf becomes brown. Take it out and let it cool down. Then cut the loaf into slices. Heat oil on a frying pan and lightly fry the both sides of each slice.
Tomato-mustard sauce
One tbsp. all purpose flower
One tbsp. finely chopped onion
One tsp. mustard sauce
One tsp. tomato sauce
One cup milk
One tbsp. of oil
Heat oil in a saucepan and fry onion. Add flour and stir until the flour totally incorporates with onion pieces. Then add milk and stir continuously, otherwise lumps will be created. Add the both the sauce and stir until the desired consistency. (Do not make very thick, because the sauce will thick as it cools down.)
The veggies:
Slice the veggies according to your choice. Boil the veggies separately until tender yet firm. Lightly fry the veggies separately.
The plate:
Arrange the meat loaf slices and the veggies. Sprinkle salt and pepper on the veggies. Pour sauce on the meat loaf slices. The plate is ready. Serve hot.

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