Thursday, February 7, 2013

Super bowl Sunday

It was super bowl Sunday. To everybody it was a fun day, mine was busy day. Yes, it was a super busy day. My hubby’s plan was to go to one of his friends place to enjoy the game. However, since last week was not keeping well. He was down with bad throat. In the morning of super bowl, he declared that he was not going to his friend’s place. He wanted to enjoy the game at home. Oh no! I had to reschedule my plan. Before, I thought that I would send my son to one of his friends place while hubby dear would be away from home. I could stay alone at home, and could finish all my pending jobs in free mind. Anyway, again I needed to recalculate everything. In the mean time hubby dear showed his desire to have some special snacks on the occasion of super bowl. First I thought to cook chicken enchiladas, but that was going to take time. To reduce my effort he asked me to cook something easy. I decided to cook chicken tandoori.  

Chicken tandoori
Whole wheat flour cup cakes, as i was ran out of all-purpose flour


My morning started with writing assignment of my class. I watched the clock; I jumped on my feet and rushed to kitchen to prepare lunch. It was already 11:00 then. My husband wanted a super quite home after 3 o’clock. After all it was “The super bowl” time was to extremely quite. Sonny boy didn’t know what that was, but he knew the name 49ers!!!!! Anyway, to give” the total space” to my hubby I took the little one to park. At least both of them could enjoy in their own way. But what should I do? How I would pass my time in the park? I couldn’t study there. So, I took yarn and a crochet hook with me to the park. Within no time he found a playmate. How quickly these little ones can make friendship with each other!!! The friends red yarn and crochet hook helped me to make a crochet heart sitting there. Why I made a red heart? yes!!!  Valentine’s Day was around the corner. After 4 o’clock we came back home. Still I had a pile of things to do. After coming back I went to Walgreens, my son wanted to go with me. However, after few minutes he started telling that he legs were paining. That was nothing but, that big boy wanted to come in my arms. It was next to impossible to walk with a 4-year old in my arm. I started telling some silly stories to distract his mind. After coming back I put the chicken-legs in the oven, and went to laundry. Chicken tandoori was ready along with cup cakes. At last I sat down for evening snacks, with my assignments. Sonny became busy with his ‘Kipper’. The game was still going on. I was damn tired. After the game I declared that, I was not going have anything on dinner. Poor hubby told that he would also skip that. I went early to bed. That was my super bowl Sunday. Not bad, huh?


  1. It sounds like you had a very busy day. It's no wonder you were so tired. You are a good wife to change plans like that. Your heart crochet is so pretty. Have a nice weekend.

    1. thanks for your sweet comment.
      love n hug

  2. Hi, Krishna!
    Husbands like to make us busy, but we do enjoy doing things for them. I bet that yummy chicken made you husband feel better :)
    Your crochet heart is pretty!
    Have a fab day!

  3. Hi Krishna, your tandoori chicken look so delicious and cupcake look inviting. YUMMY!

    I like your heart shape crochet, very pretty. You're very creative.
    Have a nice week ahead,regards.

  4. very innovative recipe ..n tempting cliks.....