Monday, January 7, 2013

Handmade books

One day I was rummaging in my desk to find out something and I stumbled over a pile of computer pages. I didn’t just want to throw the papers. I wanted to upcycle. After pondering over for few days I came with an idea to reuse them. And I made two handmade books with them.

Fold the paper keeping white part inside.

Glue each paper with the other, just like a stack.

Cut a firm brown paper according to the size of the book, to make the cover. I used a Trader Joe's brown bag to make the cover. Glue the brown paper to cover the book.

And decorate as you wish.

 You can use the book for any purpose, whether it a journal, or an art journal, or just keeping track of your expenditure. Currently I'm using one to write my Sedona travel story.


  1. tomar anek patience. eita khub bhalo idea. dekhteo sundor, kajeo lage ki sundor reuse korecho

  2. Hi Krishna, very good ideas. You're very creative too. Your handmade book certainly look very pretty.

    Have a nice week ahead.

  3. I love this, very cool way to recycle these papers!

  4. I love recycling thing. I realize my art journaling with old books too...
    xoxo from PARIS