Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Holiday cooking

This I'm trying to cook a special dish everyday.However, I'm failing to do the same. Still I'm trying. Here are some of the pictures.
This is the season's first cake, the easiest one. I bake it with store bought cake-mix.
Pasta with baked chicken. This is one of the easiest pasta recipe. I've learned it from Martha Stewart Show.
Simple egg less vanilla cake for the sweet next door girl.
8th December, Saturday special- home made pizza
Apple-cranberry cake for a Christmas party. I learned the recipe from Food channel.
Carrot raisin cake for sonny's Christmas party at school. Though the icing was a great disaster, everybody enjoyed the cake.
Ginger bread cookies, on sonny's demand.
This is the latest addition, beet root cake.


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, all the above look so tempting and delicious. I love the Apple cranberry cake, very yummy!

Have a wonderful week ahead,regards.

krishna said...

Thanks a lot Amelia. I'm a big fan of you cooking. The way you decorate is just splendid. You also have a very very wonderful weekend.

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

Bowl Jam Brownie

Rajesh said...

I would love to have all this.

Alisa thing shirt said...

sorry, I cant see images

krishna said...

oh no.. something happened.. I think I've to upload those image again.. sorry for your inconvenience..

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