Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas decoration

“The heart of Christmas is the home. And for many, before any cookies are baked or gifts wrapped, decorating the house is the first pleasure of the season. From selecting the tree and unpacking ornaments to setting up the Nativity figures, the traditions surrounding the holiday home are agreeably familiar and revitalizing. Some people enjoy it so much that they start decking the halls at Thanksgiving; and for those who like to make their own trimmings, preparations can commence even earlier in the year. Only after New Year’s Day is the holiday finery reluctantly packed away. “—Country Christmas
I also had started decorating home just after Thanksgiving. Actually I had started creating all the decorating articles after Thanksgiving. Like Halloween I decided to decorate home with all handmade decorating articles. However, I should have started earlier to create all those collectibles. Each of them took long time. On the top of that I had an exam in December. Anyway till 20th I made something. Then I stopped doing. I was really tired, and I left some of them unfinished. I would finish those, but I would use in next Christmas. Here some of my homemade decorations.
The flowers are from Wal Mart and Michales
I bought this Christmas tree five years ago
Jingle bells jingle bells- a flower pot is converted into bell
A small pizza box is converted into a cookie box
The unfinished works


Amelia said...

Hi Krishna, lovely Christmas decoration. You're very creative I see you're also a cross stitch fan, I used to enjoyed cross stitch too but slow down now due to blogging. LOL

Merry Christmas to you and family. Happy holiday.

Anonymous said...

How could you make so many decorations? You are quite amazing!

krishna said...

Thanks a lot dear.. wish you a very very happy 2013

krishna said...

you are awesome dear... how you manage everything so smoothly really i can't understand... you are amazing.. i love you my dear friend.

Ruby said...

Just Loved this!

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