Monday, April 30, 2012

Raspberry cake ( A great disaster)

A great disaster
Last week we went to Costco for our routine grocery shopping. While I was choosing the fruits to take, my sonny grabbed a packet of raspberry. He never tasted that, but by the he attracted towards the packet. Anyway, my hubby decided to take that, because those were nothing but fruits. Next day I tasted one of them. It was too sour to eat. I decided to bake one raspberry cake. I didn’t how could I do that. I just wanted to give a try.
Few days ago, one evening I gathered some courage to bake it. I made one cup of raspberry paste with little bit of milk. The color came out a sweet pink. Until then everything was fine. I delighted by thinking that it was going to be grate cake. When I started to mix with flour the color changed from pink to purple. Suddenly I thought to put more puree instead of another egg and couple of tablespoon of milk. Anyway, the batter looked nice then. I didn’t know what was waiting for me. I put it in the oven. After half an hour I saw that, raspberry juice was coming out from the bottom and there was no sign of baking. Then I understood that it was a complete disaster. In the mean time my hubby came back home from office and asked me what I was doing? I told him the whole story. He smiled and asked me what was in my mind. His smile irritated me a lot. At that time I was thinking of doing some disaster management. Instead of helping me, he smiled. I knew that by some means I needed to dry up the juice on the top. I switched the oven from bake to broiling. After few minutes the juice dried up. I put it again into baking mode. It took another fifteen minutes to come into a shape. However the taste was not bad. 


Jay said...

haha..sometimes...our tasty tries will turn out disappointing disasters...felt d same sometimes..:)
go luck next time.!
Tasty Appetite

Padhu said...

It happens at times .Well written

Jay said...

thanks for stopping by krishna..
herez the link to beetroot vada...try & enjoy

Tasty Appetite

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