Friday, April 13, 2012

Flower Basket

IMG_0999, a photo by always_smile.. on Flickr.
Few days ago i went to my mother's place. While I was reluctantly browsing the dresses in one closet I found one packet. In that packet in found one embroidered piece of cloth. Just out of curiosity I opened that and found this piece. I forgot when I embroidered it. I tried hard to to recollect in vein. However, I could recollect the way I draw the design on the cloth. Actually, long back my father used to buy Haldirams' laddu packets for us at least once in a month. The packets looked very beautiful with a photo of bunch of flowers on that. I drew that bunch on the cloth and added a pot under that. This is the end product.

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Chandrani said...

Now thats creativity ....beautiful piece.

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