Monday, October 24, 2011

Cardboard photo frame

Photos always play an important role to decorate home. At least I love to do that. However, it is very expensive to buy exclusive photo frames. Also custom framing is out of questions. So, I decided to create photo frames out of cardboard boxes, of which I’ve a copious supply at my home, thanks to all carton boxe.  Moreover, I can make frames in any shapes. From this thought I started working on cardboard frames. I already created six frames and still working on the same. I use different kinds of card boards.
Before creating the frames I like to share some information about card boards
Mainly three different kinds of cardboard we can see in our daily life.
Graphic Cardboard: This type of cardboard is used for hardback book covers, three-ring binders and puzzles. This cardboard is made to be firm and remain flat. This card board is very hard to cut by normal scissors, so I don’t use this.
Carton Board: Is also called boxboard, this board is thin and has a smooth coating on one side. This smooth side can be used for gluing printed paper or foil to the cardboard or it can be printed. Carton board is used for boxes made to pack items like cosmetics, cereals, video games etc. this type of board is easy to cut, and I use it extensively in my work.
Corrugated Cardboard: Corrugated cardboard has corrugators to create the s-curves between two pieces of carton board. This kind of board I also use, but it’s really painful to cut this board with scissors.
First you choose the card board. According to me carton boxes are the best for this purpose.
Step one: Choose the card board and give it desired shape. If you are using carton board then you need three same shaped pieces. If you are using corrugated card board, you need two same shaped pieces.

Step two:
a)      Carton board:
If you are using carton board then in the middle of the two cut out pieces draw the desired size of your photo with pen or pencil. Then cut the marked area to make the pieces as shown below. Keep one piece aside. These two pieces are used for making the front-side of the frame.

If you have corrugated card board then cut some small pieces from that. Don’t worry if you don’t have. Take some newspapers cut into small pieces and then fold them into thick small strips. Then glue them on the sides of one piece. Then put glue on the strips and stick another piece which was kept aside. Now cut small newspaper strips, glued them and cover the whole front side of the frame.
b)      Corrugated board:
If you are using this kind of board then in the middle of the board draw the desire size of the photo and cut the portion out.
Step three:
If you have clear plastic sheet (I usually cut out these kinds of sheets from cartons of son’s toys) then cut it into desire size and glued it on the back of the front side. Otherwise you can keep without attaching anything.
Again take some small pieces of corrugated board or thick newspapers strip as above and glued them one the back of the front of the frame, leaving one side.

Step four:
Decorate it as per your desire.
Step five:
Take a piece of carton board same size of the front side or slightly smaller if you need. Sometimes it is needed to make the back-side little smaller because of the shape of the front-side. Cover the piece with nice paper and glued it to the back of the front-side. The photo frame is ready to hang on the wall.


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